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George Crawford led our devotional time with reflections on worship from John 4.  There was a discussion about the implications of worship in the life of a caregiver.  Here are just a few notes.

Worship is NOT: 
Passively singing or listening to the sermon.

Worship IS:
Intimacy with God.  (In the intimate presence of the omnipresent God of the universe.)

Worship SHOULD:
  • Be consistent with true revelation of God.
  • Be totally honest with God. (Psalm 51)
  • Acknowledge that God is spirit, and interact with Him in that way.
  • Interact with Him in our heart, mind, soul.  The core of who we are, with no unconfessed sin.
We had a good discussion about the difficulties of caregivers sometimes going to church regularly.  Some practical ideas were shared, and we were reminded that worship can occur anywhere, although we should do all we can to be part of our church life even if minimally for a season. 
R. shared from Valley of Vision, a prayer of worship.  GREAT BOOK by the way!
M. mentioned how wonderful it is to have devotions with her husband at home since he can't get to church.
P. uses the one hour drive to her mother's to worship and compose her heart before she gets there.

And we always end with prayer requests, and meeting the new folks.


Understanding Dysphagia - the term for swallowing difficulties, which is a common problem for dementia patients. (4 page article)

Glorious God Devotional from Valley of Vision
Ron read this to the group at the last meeting.

Brokenness Devotional by Joni Erickson Tada

13 Secrets That Make Caregiving Easier

These websites are shared by members of the group who found them helpful, and are not an extension of this ministry and/or Grace Community Church.  Please read them with discretion.

There are some in the group who have recently lost their loved ones.  Tim and Patti P. and Ron M.



Saturday, April 1
9:00 am - 370s room

Devotional time ~ Worship
Breakfast ~ Sharing ~ Prayer

Please give Pastor Rick a call if you are planning to bring a loved one for the first time and would like to have some assistance with them during our meeting. (Rick McLean 818-909-5519)

By Becky Schoof

I was on plan A, to just take a pleasant walk and get some exercise. Karl was on plan B, just get to the Club House to shoot some pool. Gary was on plan C, out to enjoy the finer things. Did we ever get to the Club House? I can't remember but do remember we paused many times in our walks for Gary to enjoy whatever his eyes took fancy at the time.



"What is the chief end of man?"

"Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever."

from Valley of Vision...

It is the flame of my life to worship thee,
    the crown and glory of my soul to adore thee,
    heavenly pleasure to approach thee.
Give me power by thy Spirit to help me
    worship now,
  that I may forget the world,
    be brought into fullness of life,
    be refreshed, comforted, blessed.
Give me knowledge of thy goodness
  that I might not be over-awed by thy greatness;
Give me Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God,
  that I might not be terrified,
    but be drawn near with filial love,
      with holy boldness;
He is my Mediator, Brother, Interpreter,
Branch, Daysman, Lamb;
    him I glorify,
    in him I am set on high.
Crowns to give I have none,
  but what thou hast given I return,
  content to feel that everything is mine
    when it is thine,
  and the more fully mine when I have yielded it
    to thee.
Let me live wholly to my Saviour,
  free from distractions,
    from carking care,
    from hindrances to the pursuit
      of the narrow way.
I am pardoned through the blood of Jesus —
  give me a new sense of it,
  continue to pardon me by it,
  may I come every day to the fountain,
  and every day be washed anew,
  that I may worship thee always
    in spirit and truth.

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"Perhaps that’s the secret to good caregiving: a constant awareness of one’s desperate need of Jesus Christ and a steady reliance on Him day in and day out, like breathing in and breathing out. The fact is that when I’m serving Joni, I’m serving Christ, for Colossians 3:23 reminds every caregiver, no matter how difficult or demanding the routines: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” When my focus is on Jesus Christ, care giving may feel extremely tiring, but the work doesn’t have to be tiresome. It’s for Him. I may get weary, but life doesn’t have to be wearisome— again, it’s all for Him and His glory. When I minister to Joni’s needs, I am serving the Savior. That fact is echoed in Matthew 25:33–42, where Jesus says that if we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and clothe those in need, we are doing it for Him."  Ken Tada (Caregiving: A Cause for Christ)
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