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The CIE mission is to be a source destination for learners and educators about modern Israel. We produce and present Israel’s complex story via innovative learning platforms: workshops, podcasts, source compilations, and timely commentary of current issues. We believe that Jews especially, should know Israel like they know the ‘Four Questions.’
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Welcome back to a new school year. As Israel turns 65, it will be a particularly good opportunity to look at those important events that took place from the partition resolution in November 1947 to Israel’s Declaration of Independence in May 1948, and the early stages of the Independence War. So many teachers, classrooms, and schools can tell Israel’s story throughout the year, all with convenient benchmarks.

At the Center for Israel Education (CIE) we have a couple of new initiatives that will help promote and track this year in Israel’s history. We shall be sending out our newsletter regularly, sharing best practices, curriculum ideas, and information about our next workshops, and launching our robust website.

We invite you to join our undertaking.  As a former workshop participant, you have that unique chance to register for the curriculum corner for free. Take a couple of minutes to register so that you can participate in the sharing of ideas and lessons.  The curriculum corner is part of the large website development that will include primary source documents, lesson plans, teaching tools and more.  To register for the new website, to be launched later this fall, please Click Here
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For the Educator
CIE Tips for Infusing Israel into the Beginning Days of the School Year
The beginning of the new school year is both daunting and exciting for teachers and learners.  New beginnings are always a great time to set expectations, get acquainted, and assess where your students are and how you are going to get them where they need to go.

We also think that the beginning of the school year is a great time to introduce the subject of Israel to your students in engaging, creative ways.  Here are some suggestions for making sure that the new school years starts off with Israel at the forefront.
  • Israel Time Capsule - Time capsules are a fun way that many teachers show their students how much they have grown during the course of the year.  We at CIE think that a few modifications make this a great way to cover current events in Israel.  Ask your students to research or bring in articles of current events in Israel.  After discussing them or having the students report on them to their peers, set them aside or create an article time capsule that gets hidden in the classroom.  At various points throughout the year you can repeat this activity and see how each story unfolds and develops over time.
  • Israel Bucket List -  Rather than start with a basic classroom rules etc. routine, how about having students create a bucket list of what they want to learn about Israel over the course of the year.  Students can write them in a little booklet with a bucket on the front. Revisit the list to check off or revise throughout the year.  It also can give you an idea of some of the activities to plan as well.
  • Start with a Challenge - Many teachers like to give their students challenge based activities to become familiar with the classroom and each other.  Using a primary source, such as photograph, or a short video clip can be a great way to accomplish this as well as to introduce the subject of Israel to your students.  One variation is to give students pieces of a primary source image or map to practice working together while exploring an item.   

These are just three simple ways to blend your regular opening activities with Israel.  Want to share some other ideas? Click here to follow CIE on Facebook and post your ideas.    


Looking for More?  #1st5days on Twitter  has lots of great ideas for the beginning of the school year from other teachers

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