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How Canadian Friends of HAS sets about its business

We know that many of the people reading this newsletter are faithful supporters of our endeavour, and many of you are long-term in that commitment. You, our contributors and collaborators in this endeavour, are essential to our success and we thank you most warmly for your support. It dawned upon us recently, that for yourselves much of what we do is basically behind-the-scenes … you see only our public face when we put on an event or publish our results. So, how do we do what we do? What’s our structure that produces the result at year-end whereby we submit our annual grant to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer?

The answer (and you will say “of course”) is a series of committees, each with a set area of involvement. So, here is a swift look at the committees’ titles and some approximation of their workload. In terms of the actual function of each, most of the titles should provide enough explanation.

Board of Directors. Meets about 6-8 times each year. Its purpose is the overall guidance of all our major decisions and monitors the work of the committees

Administration Committee. Meets approximately 10 times each year, between Board meetings and during the summer, to maintain continuity and to ensure appropriate and timely submission of eg., formal documents and reports.

Communications and Public Relations. Works very largely via internal electronic contact with its members, so its contact hours are variable and often occur in short bursts of activity. Their newsletter and other publications, of course, necessitate more intense and prolonged activity

Recruitment Committee. Meets as necessary, approx. 3-4 times each year

Finance Committee. Meets 4 times each year.

Partnership & Development Committee. Re-activated in June after a lapse of some years, and thus in need of some re-defining of itself, this group met 7 times last year.

Haiti Happening sub-committee. Monthly meetings from September to January and then weekly during February. Smaller cohorts who deal with particular aspects of the annual Dinner and Silent Auction, meet additionally as needed.

100 Holes for Haiti Golf Tournament committee. Meets by conference call approximately 4 times per year and will meet in person at least once.  This committee is a joint fund raising group with the Joy & Hope of Haiti organization..  

Road to Hope sub-committee. Meets about 4-6 times, initially in the spring or summer then mostly through the fall leading up to the event in early November.

All Board members serve on at least one committee, some on several. We are fortunate as well, that an almost equal number of very valuable non-board volunteers work on our committees. Without these, the total workload would otherwise be impossible and we give them a very big “thank you” for this work. (Note : we always welcome new additional volunteers who can bring skills and energy to the team!) Finally, we would be remiss not to acknowledge as well, the considerable support and encouragement that Canadian Friends of HAS receives from the hospital’s administration both in Deschapelles, Haïti, and Pittsburgh.

Mick Stewart, on behalf of the CFHAS board
CFHAS Board, committee members, volunteers and friends celebrate the 60th Anniversary of HAS
                                              CFHAS Board, committee members, volunteers and friends celebrate the 60th Anniversary of HAS

CFHAS visits Hopital Albert Schweitzer January 3rd to 10th

On January 3rd four of us from the Birthing Kit Committee left Hamilton to go to Hopital Albert Schweitzer for a week. We were laden with suitcases full of birthing kits.

What a wonderful week it was!

We traveled to the mountains and met with the Traditional Birthing Attendants and delivered our birthing kits to them. They were delighted to receive all the kits as it is essential that they have these kits to deliver babies in the mountains as most pregnant women are not able to travel four hours to the hospital.

We spent time touring the hospital to see all the wonderful changes that have been accomplished during the last year. The neonatal ICU has been renovated and there are all new bassinets.There is now a photo therapy machine for babies with jaundice, previously a light bulb was used. The maternity ward has also been expanded and painted. There is continued prosthesis service to amputees from the earthquake, diabetes and trauma in the surrounding area .

We learned that the Community Integrated Services at the hospital continue to run 4 clinics in the mountains, seeing thousands of Haitians each month. Doing prenatal and postnatal care, accessing for malnutrition and vaccinating children.

We left after a very busy week very happy knowing that Hopital Albert Schweitzer is delivering a wonderful service to 400,000 Haitians in the Artibonite Valley and the funds that Canadian Friends of HAS raises every year is being well spent

by Cathy Johnson


 CFHAS and The Hamilton Road2Hope Weekend Fun Runs

Our participation as a charity partner in the Hamilton Road2Hope Weekend Fun Runs continues to build a "road to hope" for the Haitians who benefit from the services of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. Every year our team of runners and walkers grows in number, in commitment and in funds raised. There are a number of things that made this year's event a success. We had good weather (which isn't always the case), the race website continues to become more user friendly, the set up at the park brought lots of visitors to our booth and our booth looked great. We continued to be supported by children from the church school at The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton; it's great to have many kids running and learning to help others. What a team!

We raised $12,204 this year, another new high mark for us, and above our expectations. We all know how far these funds will go in Haiti. 

Thanks to everyone who made this year another success. Thanks to all who supported our walkers and runners. If you haven't participated in this event yet, mark Nov 4-5, 2017 on your calendar for this year's event and please spread the word!  
CFHAS Road2Hope Co-chairs
Ginny Megin & Brad Berquist


2016 Financial Results


To Our Supporters

In 2016 Canadian Friends of HAS raised over $120,000 in support of maternal and children health care at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer.

We want to give a big thank you to all those who supported us throughout the year either with donations, or by supporting our three major fundraising events (Haiti Happening Dinner & Silent Auction; 100 Holes for Haiti Golf; and the Road2Hope Run). We also thank the many people who offered their time and talent in running these fundraising events.

We very much appreciate your continuing support as we look for new ways to increase our financial support to HAS in 2017.

On behalf of CFHAS, we again say thank you.


CFHAS Finance Committee

A Self-Sustaining Haiti

A self-sustaining Haiti is possible as organizations collaborate with the government of Haiti to realize progress in education and economic development.

Haiti has already come a long way in its recovery from the massive 2010 earthquake. As Sean Penn noted in a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal: “Port-au-Prince, the capital city, has made remarkable progress. Nearly all of the 10 million cubic meters of rubble that buried the city have been cleared from the streets. More than 90% of the almost two million people left homeless have moved from tent camps to more permanent housing.” Haiti’s education system is also becoming stronger. According to a recent White House report, “More Haitian children are in school than ever before, including 60,000 students who were able to return to school following U.S. construction of more than 600 classrooms.”

The Haitian Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in Haiti has said it aims to get 1.5 million students into school by 2016, in addition to improving the quality of schools and training more teachers. There is also a plan to provide publicly funded, free, basic education to students, which would roll out through grade 9 by 2020.


For the past 59 years, HAS has been focused on helping to improve the foundation of a healthy economy: public health.  We are furthering this goal through the treatment, prevention and care we provide, and by strengthening the Haitian healthcare system.

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