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1 November, 2020

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Have you heard the news? We are all saddened to hear that our amazing principal Mme. Lavoie will be changing schools in the new year after 5 years at Trafalgar. For those of you unfamiliar, this is standard practice within the school district which sees both principals and vice-principals rotate to different schools. A copy of the letter from Mme. Lavoie can be found here. We look forward to meeting our new Principal M Daniel Belanger and in the words of Mme Lavoie, working together to ensure that we are providing our students with the best possible learning experiences in an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

Thank you to all of the families that have donated to the Trafalgar PAC Direct Appeal. We are truly thrilled to announce that we superseded our goal and have raised an amazing $27,500! We are so grateful to each and every family for their support and look forward to making use of these funds to provide expanding learning opportunities for the Trafalgar School Community. Way to go Trafalgar!

Trafalgar PAC


EarthBites Fees

We want to clarify some confusion about the fees associated with the EarthBites Program. Please note that the annual request for the parent paid portion of the regular Earthbites program will be coming from the school in November for all classes. Some classes have just received a separate payment request via SchoolCash On-line for the EarthBites in Residence program outlined below. 

The following divisions have or will be sending home EarthBites Fee requests to pay for the Residence “extra” sessions and supplies coordinated by the classroom teachers: F01, F03, F05, F06, 7, F10, 11, 12, F13, F16, F17. We hope this helps clarify things.


EarthBites Programs at Trafalgar

Introducing the Garden Residence Program with EarthBites

EarthBites in Residence program started in 2019 at the request of several teachers who wanted additional time in the garden, outside of their normal EarthBites visits. The goal was to provide increased outdoor education learning opportunities, using the garden, and garden materials to further in-class curriculum.  

While the existing EarthBites Partnership program focuses around education of food systems, growing food, and nutrition, EarthBites in Residence looks at the garden ecosystem as a whole. We do activities to support garden biodiversity, building and beautification projects, and seasonal crafting using garden materials. The combination of both programs is providing an extensive experience and education around how natural and manufactured systems relate to each other.

In response to increased demand for outdoor education opportunities this year, due to Covid-19, all Trafalgar teachers were invited to sign up for the EarthBites in Residence program with Brendan Young, an EarthBites Facilitator. The response was overwhelming with many of the teachers wanting additional time, from requests of once per month to every week. Teachers met with Brendan and other EarthBites staff to plan out subjects and activities that would use the garden space to enhance their in-cass curriculum. Projects this year include fence building, bulb planting, garden box building, wreath making, planting flowers to support local pollinators, making bird feeders, exploring the garden’s insects, and building bug hotels. 

Intermediate classes have 2hr sessions, and Primary classes have 1hr sessions. Most classes have chosen to have 5 sessions, with the option to increase as time permits. Each teacher is responsible for allocating the cost of these sessions to their individual classes. As current regulations require any field trips be walking and outdoors, many teachers have opted to use the EarthBites in Residence program as a “local” field trip option. 

EarthBites in Residence is entirely separate from the school’s EarthBites Partnership Program. With the Partnership Program, workshops are given 4 times throughout the year and include 2 facilitators carrying out a seasonal lesson plan, ideas for extending the lesson, markets & feasts (currently on hold), and a nutrition component (current health regulations permitting). This program also includes all season garden maintenance (pruning, watering, planting, harvesting), costs for soil, seeds, transplants and tools, as well as full garden planning. Costs for the EarthBites partnership program are allocated to all students at the school.


Hot Lunch Refunds

Thanks to everyone who clicked on the link in their refund email to let us know the address to send their cheque to. 

If you haven’t already, please click on the link in your Hot Lunch Refund email so we can put some money back in your pocket!

A very special thank you to the families who have elected to donate these funds to the PAC. We have diverted all hot lunch donations into the direct appeal which helped us get over the edge and achieve our goal. Thank you again!

Upcoming Dates

  • Wed 11 Nov - Remembrance Day - no school
  • Tues 17 Nov - PAC Meeting Online
  • Fri 27 Nov - Non-instructional Day  

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主题:要和Mme. Lavoie说再见真让人难过! 


你听到消息了吗?令人称奇的校长Mme. Lavoie 在Trafalgar待了五年之后,将在新的一年更换学校,我们都对此很难过。给不了解政策的人解释一下,这是学区中的标准做法,校长和副校长会轮流到不同的学校。Mme.Lavoie 的信件附本可以在这里找到。我们期待与我们的新校长M Daniel Belanger 会面,用Mme Lavoie的话来说,我们共同努力确保在包容和尊重的学习环境中为学生提供最好的学习体验。


感谢所有向Trafalgar PAC捐款的家庭。我们非常激动地宣布,我们超越了我们的目标,已经筹集到了惊人的27,500美元!我们非常感谢每个家庭的支持,并希望利用这些资金为Trafalgar 学校社区提供更多的学习机会。好样的,Trafalgar !  

Trafalgar PAC



我们想澄清一些与EarthBites计划相关的费用的混淆。请注意,每年11月,学校将针对所有班级,向常规Earthbites计划的家长支付部分提出年度要求。某些班级刚刚通过SchoolCash On-line收到了关于EarthBites in Residence计划的单独付款请求。

以下班级已经或将要发送EarthBites费用请求,以支付课堂教师协调的“额外”驻校和学习用品费用:F01,F03,F05,F06、7,F10、11、12,F13,F16,F17 。我们希望下面的介绍有助于澄清问题。


Trafalgar EarthBites项目


EarthBites in Residence项目于2019年开始,应几位老师的要求,他们希望在正常的EarthBites探访之外在花园里有更多时间。目的是提供更多的户外教育学习机会,使用花园和花园材料进一步进行课堂教学。

现有的EarthBites合作伙伴计划着重于对食物系统,种植食物和营养的教育,而EarthBites in Residence则着眼于整个花园生态系统。我们开展活动来支持花园生物多样性,建筑和美化项目以及使用花园材料进行季节性制作。两种程序的结合为自然系统和人工系统之间的相互关系提供了广泛的经验和教育。 

由于Covid-19,今年对户外教育机会的需求增加,为了应对这种需求,所有Trafalgar老师都被邀请参加EarthBites的驻校项目,由EarthBites的主持人Brendan Young主持。很多老师都希望能有更多的时间,有的要求每月一次,有的要求每周一次。教师们与Brendan和EarthBites的其他工作人员会面,计划出一些主题和活动,利用这个花园来加强他们的班级课程。今年的项目包括围栏建筑,鳞茎种植,花园箱建设,花圈制作,种花以支持当地传粉媒介,制作鸟类喂食器,探索花园里的昆虫以及建造昆虫旅馆。

中级班为2小时,初级班为1小时。大多数班级选择了5节课,可以选择在时间允许的情况下增加。每位老师负责将这些课程的费用分配给各自的班级。由于现行法规要求任何野外旅行都必须在户外进行,因此许多老师选择将EarthBites in Residence计划用作“本地”野外旅行选项。

EarthBites in Residence与学校的EarthBites合作伙伴计划完全分开。在“合作伙伴计划”下,全年举办4次讲习班,其中包括2位主持人执行季节性课程计划,扩展课程的想法,市场和盛宴(当前处于暂停状态)以及营养成分(当前的健康法规允许)。该计划还包括所有季节的花园维护(修剪,浇水,种植,收割),土壤,种子,移植和工具的费用,以及完整的花园规划。EarthBites合作伙伴计划的费用分配给了学校的所有学生。








●       11月11日星期三-Remembrance Day-不上学

●      11月17日星期二-PAC家委会在线会议

●       11月27日星期五-非教学日,不上学





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