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18 October, 2020

This week:

  • Thursday, 2pm - early dismissal
  • Friday - Pro D - no school
  • Friday - Trafalgar Direct Appeal donation deadline

Weekly update

We were so fortunate to have another great turnout at our PAC meeting last Tuesday with over 43 parents joining. As a part of our focus on inclusion and community building, the Tokmak Family shared a bit about their home country of Turkey and their experiences as newcomers to Canada and Traflagar.

Each month we will meet a new Trafalgar family so please contact us at if you are interested in being involved.  

The PAC Direct Appeal is running until this Friday and we are really hoping that each and every family is able to make a contribution this year. All the details for this year’s Direct Appeal can be found here at: We appreciate your support!
Remember that goal setting conferences continue this week so students will be released at 2pm on Thursday and Friday is a ProD Day.

Trafalgar PAC

PAC Meeting Highlights

Anti-Racism - Thank you Christian for sharing a short presentation on Anti-Racism and to Katerina and Taylan Tokmak for sharing their stories from their home of Turkey. The PAC is looking for ideas on how we can live up to our UNESCO school designation and continue to keep the Trafalgar community connected in these unprecedented times. Please feel free to email the PAC with your thoughts.

Hot Lunch Refunds - look for an email confirming your refund amount soon. You’ll be asked to click on a link to provide your legal name and mailing address for the cheques.

Traffic Flow - Thank you to Brandon for sharing some ideas to help increase traffic flow and safety in front of the school. The PAC agreed to explore this option through engagement with the City of Vancouver.

Trafalgar DPAC Rep - A special thanks to Trafalgar parent Shaleena Jeraj who has agreed to act as our school representative on the Vancouver School District PAC. We look forward to receiving updates from you in the future.

Chinese PAC meeting - Thank you Hellen Sun who reported back to the group on the Chinese PAC meeting which recently took place. 

Updates from School Administration


Daily Health Check

Just a reminder for all of our community to assess ourselves daily for key symptoms of illness prior to entering the school by performing a daily health check. We keep the Daily Health Check document on the front of our site and you can also grab it here.

What to Do if a Student Develops New Symptoms of Illness

This information comes from COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings.

A student should stay home when new symptoms of illness develop.

  • If the student indicates that the symptoms are consistent with a previously diagnosed health condition and are not unusual, the student can return to school.

  • For mild symptoms without fever, students can be monitored at home for 24 hours. If symptoms improve, they can return to school without further assessment.

  • If symptoms include fever, or if after 24 hours, symptoms remain unchanged or worsen, seek a health assessment. This can include calling 8-1-1, a primary care provider or going to a COVID-19 testing centre.

When a COVID-19 test is recommended by the health assessment:

  • If the COVID-19 test is positive, the student should stay at home until they are told by public health to end their self-isolation. 

  • If the COVID-19 test is negative, the student can return to school once symptoms have improved and the student feels well enough.

  • If a COVID-19 test is recommended but is not done because the parent chooses not to have the test or a health assessments is not sought when recommended, and the student’s symptoms are not related to a previously diagnosed health condition, they should stay home from school until 10 days after the onset of symptoms, and then may return if feeling well enough.

If a COVID-19 test is not recommended by the health assessment, the student can return to school when symptoms have improved and the student feels well enough.

Early Pick Up Procedure

Parents who need to occasionally pick up children from school early are able to do so in a few easy steps:

  1. Tell your child’s teacher in the morning what time will you pick up your child

  2. As your child’s teacher knows the pick up time, he/she will send your child to the office at that time to wait for your arrival.

  3. Come to the main school entrance, stay outside and call office (604) 713-5475

  4. Your child will be brought to you outside.

Parents on the School Grounds

Please note that there has been a request from the school and teachers that parents who are dropping off and picking up their kids please keep their distance from the students who are standing in line waiting to enter/exit the building. We are fortunate to have very large school grounds and ask that parents not mingle with students in line with the goal of keeping our community safe.

School Fees

All families will have received an email outlining school fees that are payable through the VSB School Cash Online system. This includes fees for the Agenda ($10), Jump Math books ($20) and School supplies ($35). Please pay by October 21st to the VSB.  

Hot Lunch refunds

All parents who have credit in the Munchalunch system will receive an email from us by Thursday with confirmation of the amount due. 

This email will include a link for you to let us know your address and we plan to send out all cheques by the end of October.


Halloween Poll Results

The question in last week's poll was: Do you think your kids are going to be trick or treating this year?

With 75 votes these are the results 

  • 47% said YES, their kids would be going trick or treating
  • 53% said NO

Upcoming Dates

  • Thu 22 Oct, 2pm - Early dismissal
  • Fri 23 Oct - Pro D - no school
  • Wed 11 Nov - Remembrance Day - no school
  • Fri 27 Nov - Non-instructional Day

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反种族主义-感谢Christian分享了有关反种族主义的简短演讲,以及Katerina和Taylan Tokmak分享了他们在家乡土耳其的他故事。 PAC正在寻求关于如何帮助学校实现联合国教科文组织目标的想法和建议,并在这个前所未有的时代继续保持Trafalgar社区内的紧密联系。请随时通过电子邮件向PAC发送您的想法。


交通流量-感谢Brandon分享一些想法,以帮助提高学校门前的交通流量和安全性。 PAC同意通过与温哥华市的合作一起探索这一选择。

PAC代表-特别感谢Trafalgar的家长Shaleena Jeraj,她同意担任我们在温哥华学区DPAC的学校代表。我们期待着将来收到您的最新消息。

中国PAC会议-谢谢Helen Sun在家委会上汇报了最近举行的华人家委会会议信息。





























所有家庭可能已经收到一封电子邮件,内容是关于通过VSB School Cash Online系统支付的学费。其中包括日志(10元),数学书籍(20元)和学校用品(35元)的费用。请在10月21日之前向VSB付款。










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