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30 May, 2021

It’s National AccessAbility Week! 

Hey Trafalgar, did you know that 30 May to 5 June is National AccessAbility Week? In an effort to highlight the importance of access and inclusion the PAC recently supported the purchase of resources in consultation with our teachers.

Inclusion bins, which will be shared by the Trafalgar staff, will be created and feature a variety of inclusion themes including abilities, race, gender and more. Our thanks to all the teachers and support staff for your assistance and enthusiasm on this project!


Voice, Your Community - Survey Still Open

You still have time to complete this quick 3 - 5 minute survey about our community’s perspectives and experiences related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Click here to complete. Survey will close this Wednesday, June 2nd.



Thanks for Celebrating Asian Heritage Month with Us

Here are a few more resources that have been shared with the PAC by our community:

  • Eyes Open: An Anti-Racism PSA

  • Where are We In the World? - a video of the 1914 Komagata Maru incident

  • A Collection of documentaries, films and shows that honour the rich culture of Asian Canadians

  • CBC - Ways for you to celebrate and learn about the meaningful contributions of Asian Canadians


Health Check Website and App


Upcoming Dates


Useful links

To find out more, please click on a link below:




嘿 , Trafalgar,您知道 5 月 30 日至 6 月 5 日是全国无障碍周吗? 为了强调参与和包容的重要性,PAC 最近与我们的教师协商并支持购买一些资源, 将创建Trafalgar 工作人员共享的包容箱,并以各种包容性主题为特色,包括能力、种族、性别等。 我们感谢所有老师和支持人员对这个项目的帮助和热情!


你的声音,你的社区 - 调查仍然开放

 您还有时间完成这个 3 到 5 分钟的快速调查,内容涉及我们社区在多元化、公平和包容方面的观点和经验,请点击此处完成调查。 调查将于 6 月 2 日星期三结束。



 以下是我们社区与 PAC 共享的更多资源:


 ● 睁大眼睛:反种族主义公益广告

 ● 我们在哪里? - 1914 年驹形丸事件的视频

 ● 系列汇总纪念亚裔加拿大人丰富文化的纪录片、电影和节目

 ●CBC - 您庆祝和了解亚裔加拿大人有意义的贡献的方式










 ● 6月24日星期四 - 下午1点7年级毕业典礼





● 学校家委会网站PAC website

● 学区家委会网站DPAC website and newsletter sign-up

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