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15 November, 2020

This week:

Weekly update

Welcome back to those students who have transitioned back to in-classroom learning this past week. We are so happy to see you again!

As mentioned last week, the PAC meeting for November will take place this Tuesday night. The meeting will now begin at 7:30pm and the Zoom link will be available at Looking forward to seeing you again on the 17th where we will also be introduced to our new Principal M Belanger!
Hot Lunch refund cheques are out in the mail so you should be receiving them very soon.  
Lastly, the VSB has cancelled all individual photos for elementary schools until January.

Trafalgar PAC

PAC Meeting

Tuesday night - new time - 7:30pm

The meeting time for our PAC meeting has been adjusted to help accommodate the TOOSCS AGM taking place that same day at 6:15pm. We are thrilled that our new principal M Belanger will be joining us so mark your calendars!

We will also be discussing some potential changes to the PAC Constitution and Bylaws that will be more reflective of our desired values regarding inclusivity, cultural sensitivity and equitable access at Trafalgar and more. Once again we will finish the meeting with a presentation continuing our theme of anti-racism and sharing experiences from parents and families in our Trafalgar community. 

We would also like to officially approve minutes from previous meetings. Please find links below for your review:


Requests from the School Administration

Please ensure that Pokemon cards remain at home. This is primarily to ensure we are following our safety protocols. Having students gathering to view each others’ cards, touching and trading cards is not in line with our safety protocols. Also, we encourage our students to be physical and active at recess and lunch.

We continue to be concerned with the number of parents who gather and linger on our school grounds, often in groups. Parents are asked to arrive as close to the morning bell as possible, and to keep a safe distance from students when they are lining up. We are seeing parents standing right next to their child when they are lined up, and this is concerning. We also see parents arriving quite early, prior to the 3:00 pm bell, chatting in groups and then remaining past the 3:00 pm bell.

While we appreciate that connecting is important, we are concerned with this practice, especially give the current situation. At some schools with fences, parents are asked to remain behind the fence and are not allowed onto the grounds. We do not have that set up, but parents need to realize that we are very concerned and may need to look at a different system for dropping off and picking up.

Our ask is:

  • come as close to the bell as possible
  • do not linger but drop off and leave

Students are safe, as 2 to 3 staff members are outside in the morning starting at 8:40am. Please arrive as close to the 3:00 pm bell and then depart.

Saleema Noon - Body Science at Trafalgar

Although it will look a bit different, Trafalgar students are fortunate enough to once again receive Body Science education from the wonderful Saleema Noon. This year, the workshops will be online with teachers facilitating. Be prepared for some interesting questions in November and December. 🙂

All parents were sent limited time access to the materials last month so that you can read it for yourselves as well. Maybe it will help answer some of those questions. This is a PAC funded program at Trafalgar.


Upcoming Dates

  • Tues 17 Nov, 7:30pm - PAC Meeting Online -
  • Tues 24 Nov, 7:30pm - Chinese speaking PAC Meeting Online -
  • Fri 27 Nov - Pro-D day
  • Fri 18 Dec - Last day before winter break
  • Mon 4 Jan - School starts  

Useful links


主题: PAC 周二与 新校长M Belange的会议 


• 周二 - PAC 会议在线时间晚上 7:30(新时间) -


  • 欢迎那些上周回到课堂学习的学生。我们很高兴再次见到你!

  • 正如我们上周提到的,11月的PAC会议将在17日星期二举行。会议将于晚上7:30开始,该链接将在。期待在 17 日再次见到你, 我们也将会被介绍给我们的新校长 M Belange认识!

  • 热午餐退款支票刚刚寄出, 所以你应该可以很快收到。 

  • VSB已经取消了1月份之前的所有小学的个人拍照活动。

Trafalgar PAC


本星期二晚上 7:30召开PAC学校家委会会议

我们的 PAC 会议的会议时间已经调整,以配合当天下午 6:15 举行的 TOOSCS AGM。 我们很高兴,我们的新校长M Belange先生将加入我们,所以请记得将此会议添加到您的日历上! 我们还将讨论对《PAC 章程》和细则的一些可能的修改,这些变化将更能反映在包容性、文化敏感性和公平获取方面等这些我们Trafalgar所期望的价值观上!我们接下来会继续我们关于反种族主义的主题,并有我们Trafalgar社区的父母和家庭和大家分享他们的经验。




1. 请确保Pokeman卡留在家中。这主要是为了确保我们遵守我们的安全协议,因为让学生聚集在一起查看对方的卡、触摸和交易卡,这都不符合我们的安全协议。此外,我们鼓励学生在课间休息和午餐时多一些体能活动。

2. 我们注意到一直会有些家长们接送孩子上下学后成群结队的在学校逗留。我们要求家长尽可能在接近早晨钟声时抵达学校,并在学生排队时与学生保持安全距离。我们看到父母在排队时就站在孩子旁边, 这令人担心。我们还看到父母在下午3点铃响前很早到达,并聚在一起聊天,直到过了下午3点钟。 虽然我们认识到人与人之间联系很重要,但我们担心这种做法,特别是考虑到目前的情况。在一些有栅栏的学校,家长被要求留在栅栏后面,不允许进入校园。虽然我们没有这个设置,但家长需要认识到这一点,我们非常担心,可能需要考虑不同的形式以方便开车接送学生。我们的要求是:早上尽可能靠近钟声的时候再到校,放下孩子后马上离开学校。学生会很安全的,因为早上8:40有2-3名工作人员在外面。请于下午3:00左右到校,接到孩子后马上离开校园。


“Saleema Noon” - Trafalgar的身体科学

虽然今年看起来有点不同,Trafalgar的学生将再次幸运地接受奇妙的“Saleema Noon”身体科学教育。今年,她的研讨会将在教师的协助下进行线上交流。请记得为 11 月和 12 月的课程准备一些有趣的问题! 上个月我们已经给所有父母都发送了学习材料,如果你想自己读它,请在规定的时间内查看,也许这将有助于回答你的一些问题。这个项目是由Trafalgar的 PAC学校家委会资助的。




• 11月24日(星期二)    -  晚上7:30 - 中文学校家委会PAC会议 -

• 11 月 27 日(星期五) - 非教学日,不上学

• 12 月 21 日(星期一) - 寒假开始

• 1月4日(星期一)        - 学校开学





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