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2 May, 2021

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Hello Trafalgar Families

Some of you may have heard the news by now, but it is with mixed emotions we share that our Vice Principal Mr. Singh will be moving on from Trafalgar starting August 1st. The amazing news is that he will become a Principal with the Vancouver School Board. A huge congratulations to you! The students have come to know and love you in what seems like too short a time with our community and you will be greatly missed.

We are pleased to update you that we have had a number of parents come forward with interest in joining the PAC Executive next year so our thanks to you all - we are looking good. Parents can still be involved in school activities and planning and we ask you to fill out the volunteer form to express your interest and connect with us. We are all looking forward to the International Dinner on Friday at 6:30pm so please join us. Lastly, these flowers were sent to our wonderful staff and teachers on behalf of the entire PAC to show our appreciation for all their hard work this year!

Trafalgar PAC



Virtual International Dinner is Friday

Prizes to be won - log on from 6:15pm

We hope to have our Trafalgar Community join us for this school-wide event at 6:30pm this Friday. Listen carefully to the presentations as there will be prizes!

Trafalgar is fortunate to have such wonderful cultural diversity at our school. We invite you to bring a screen to your dinner table and join us for 1) Cultural presentations from our Trafalgar families including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Israel, Irish, Canadian and Turkish heritage; 2) Live Trivia Contest with Prizes; 3) Meet and Greet breakout rooms.

1st place prize is a $100 DaDa Sushi gift card, generously donated by one of the PAC members and there will be 10 further prizes of $20 Amazon gift cards sponsored by the PAC. There is a lot to look forward to, so do not miss this event!

For many, screens aren’t usually allowed at the dinner table, but we hope an exception can be made for our community dinner this Friday night. Our Trivia Contest will be using Kahoot, an online app many students are familiar with. You can play online in a browser or download the Kahoot app onto a device. If you have multiple students playing and have the resources, you may want to prepare the app on those devices before Friday.

To join the event please go to to access the Zoom link right before the event.

You can start to log in at 6:15pm.


Yearbook Photos for Option 4 Students

To all Option 4 families: We would like to make sure your student’s picture appears in the yearbook, so please take a nice headshot photo of your child against a bare wall and submit it by Tuesday, 4 May at 7pm.

Please submit your photos at this website:

or download the Herff Jones eShare app: iPhoneAndroid. Our school code is Trafalgar2021. The app is easiest because you can snap a photo and upload it right away. If you have any questions, please email



Parent Volunteers Needed to Deconstruct Garden Beds

Sign up Here


We still have a few volunteer spots open to help deconstruct the garden beds on the 12th and 19th. We can do it within the COVID rules. Please remember to bring your mask. Please sign up here if you can lend a hand.



Honouring Red Dress Day at Trafalgar

This Wednesday

This Wednesday, 5 May is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). On this day of national importance we can honour the MMIWG by embracing and supporting community healing. Red calls attention to the spirit to help us honour those who left us too soon. The school is recognizing this day by asking all students to wear red.



Read-a-thon Results - thank you Division 9!

Thank you all for participating in the Trafalgar read-a-thon. It has been fun organizing it, and we are sad that it is over. There are 3 winning classes that have worked really hard throughout the month of March and April. In first place… Mme Laure’s class who has raised over $210! In second place… Mme Jacquet’s class with $171! And last of all, in 3rd place… Mr. Wong’s class with $64! Congratulations also to Division 9 – we read a LOT in March. Well done everyone! So far Trafalgar has raised $1,089 for Backpack Buddies and BC Children’s Hospital just by reading. Go Trafalgar!

by Marguerite Bustard, Div 9 🙂


Health Check Website and App

Access the K-12 Daily Health Check app

Upcoming Dates


Useful links

To find out more, please click on a link below:


发布日期: 五月二日



● 星期二 — 选项4学生提交个人年鉴照片的截止日期

● 星期三 — 红色着装日(穿红色)

● 星期三 — 家长志愿者拆除花床 (下方报名)

● 星期五 — 线上国际晚宴 下午6:30 —下午6:15 登录


       大家可能已经听说了一条喜忧参半的消息,8月1号后我们的副校长Mr. Singh将离开Trafalgar,因为他将成为温哥华教育局的一名校长。恭喜 Mr. Singh!在学校的这段宝贵的时间里,学生们认识了您,爱着您,我们会非常想念您。

非常地高兴向大家通报,有很多家长志愿者对明年加入PAC管理工作很感兴趣,谢谢这些热心的家长们!如果您也愿意参与学校的活动和计划,请填写 志愿表  ,并与我们联系。



Trafalgar PAC




我们非常幸运,因为Trafalgar 是一所拥有丰富文化背景的学校。我们邀请您将您家的餐桌搬上屏幕,与我们一起参加1)学校家庭的文化展示,包括来自中国、韩国、日本、越南、以色列、爱尔兰、加拿大和土耳其文化传统和特产;2) 现场有奖大赛;3) 与更多的家庭会面和问候。

一等奖:价值$100 DaDa Sushi 礼品卡。此项奖品由PAC的一位成员慷慨捐赠。


尽管我们知道屏幕不应该出现在餐桌上,但希望本周五晚上的晚宴可以是个例外。此次活动将使用Kahoot app,它是一个许多学生都熟悉的在线应用程序。您可以在浏览器中在线使用,也可以将Kahoot应用程序 Kahoot app下载到设备上。如果您家有多个孩子需要同时参加活动,建议您周五之前在电子设备上提前准备好该应用程序。

请在活动开始之前访问 获取活动链接。

晚上 6:15 即可登录。





App: 下载 Herff Jones eShare app: iPhoneAndroid. 学校的代码为Trafalgar2021。 App更容易操作,可以直接拍照并立刻上传。



需要家长志愿者们拆除花床 此处报名



5号, 12号,19号下午6:00 – 8:00 工作安排如下:

● 一组家长(最多10位)拆除花床,请互相保持2米的社交距离

● 请自带相关工具:2#Robertson 钻头和撬棍





阅读大赛成绩 – 感谢 Division 9!


感谢大家参加Trafalgar阅读大赛。非常有意思的活动,很可惜结束了。在三、四月份,有三个班的学生都非常努力。第一名:Ms. Jacquet的班级筹到了$210!第二名:Ms. Jacquet的班级筹到了$171!第三名:Mr. Wang的班级筹到了$64!同时祝贺Division 9 —我们在三月份读了很多书。大家非常棒!

到目前为止,Trafalgar已经通过阅读为Backpack Buddies和BC儿童医院筹集了$1089。Trafalgar, 加油!

- Marguerite Bustard, Div 9








● 五月四日星期二晚 7:00 - 选项4学生提交个人年鉴照片的截止日期

● 五月五日星期三 – 红色着装日

● 五月七日星期五晚6:30 - 线上国际晚宴

● 五月十二日星期四 – 订购学校照片截止日 (免费邮寄到学校)

● 五月十八日星期二晚7:00 - PAC 线上会议

● 五月二十四日星期一 - Victoria Day (不上学)




● 学校家委会网站PAC website

● 学区家委会网站DPAC website and newsletter sign-up

● 学校年鉴订购Yearbook orders

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