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31 January, 2021

This week:

  • Monday - Black History Month Begins
  • Wednesday - VSB Choice Program Deadline
  • Thursday - Trafalgar Yearbook Survey Deadline (see link below)

Masks in Schools - Poll Response

Last week we asked “Do you think masks should be mandatory in schools?” Here were your responses:

(126 total): Yes - 69.8%    No - 17.5%    Not sure - 12.7%

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Reminder from Administration

With respect to Valentine's Day, as per COVID protocol and in keeping with directives from our administration, no items are to be brought from home and shared at school (this includes cards). 

Fun Trafalgar Survey for the Yearbook

How many pets do you have?  What’s your favourite Halloween candy?  What do you want to be when you grow up?
The Trafalgar yearbook is all about building community, and this year we’re hoping to get to know our students a little bit better. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey with your child; if you have multiple children, please try to fill it out twice.  The answers will appear in the yearbook in June. The survey is open until Thursday February 4th, so please get those answers in ASAP!
Thanks, The Yearbook Committee

Info Request for Option 4 Families

We have received the following information regarding a survey the VSB has started circulating to Option 4 families in Vancouver. We are passing this info along as a courtesy to families:

Essentially, the questions would lead you to believe that there is no hope of Option 4 continuing. However, that is not true. We heard last week from Richard Zerbe, Director of Instruction, that they are looking for feedback on Option 4 and will announce on February 10 what the future of the program is. If people react out of fear of not having an educational option for their children, and choose to go back, then VSB will assume that the program is not needed. There are so many families, like my own who cannot go back. I have lung disease - you wouldn't know if you saw me on the street. However the impact of COVID-19 entering our home could have unthinkable impacts on my family. 
Please circulate the message to your Option 4 families as soon as you can: 

Please choose "Other" on the form and state that you want Option 4 to continue - if you do want to continue. Even if an Option 4 family chose to return to school on February 28, the school could easily accommodate that. However, if they choose to return and then change their mind to stay in Option 4, they likely will lose the program. And families can not return to Option 4 at this time, if they leave it. 

Kyenta, on behalf of Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39, Facebook and Slack


Daily Health Check

A reminder to please go through the daily health check with your student every morning before coming to school. This is the best way to prevent COVID coming to Trafalgar.

Here is the latest version of the health checklist.


Upcoming Dates

  • Wed 3 Feb - VSB Choice Program Deadline
  • Thu 4 Feb - Yearbook Survey Deadline
  • Tue 9 Feb - PAC Meeting 7pm 
  • Fri 12 Feb - Pro-D Day (no school)
  • Mon 15 Feb - Family Day (no school)
  • Wed 24 Feb - Pink Shirt Day
  • Mon 1 Mar - Option 4 intake date

Useful links

To find out more, please click on a link below:



























我们已收到有关VSB已开始向温哥华的Option 4家庭进行调查的以下信息。我们谨向家庭传递此信息:


从本质上讲,这些问题会使您相信选项4没有继续存在的希望。但是,事实并非如此。我们上周从教学总监Richard Zerbe那里得知,他们正在寻求有关选件4的反馈,并将于2月10日宣布该计划的未来。如果人们出于对孩子没有教育选择的恐惧而选择返回,则VSB将认为不需要该计划。有很多家庭,例如我自己的家庭,无法回去。我患有肺病-您不会知道您是否在街上看到我。但是,COVID-19进入我们家的影响可能会对我的家人产生难以想象的影响。

请尽快将消息分发给您的Option 4家庭:





这是运行状况检查表的最新版本。 Here is the latest version of the health checklist.



  • 2月3日,星期三-VSB选择计划截止日期
  • 2月4日,星期四-年鉴调查截止日期
  • 2月9日,星期二-PAC学校家委会会议7pm
  • 2月12日星期五-Pro-D日(不上学)
  • 2月15日星期一-家庭日(不上学)
  • 2月24日星期三-粉红衬衫日
  • 3月1日星期一-选项4的学生入学日期




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