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December! Already!


Change is here and change is about to take Vet HQ to the next stage. Finally, after a year of trying I have sat down with my business mentor from the United states Mr Shawn McVey and worked out my new goals and dreams and Vet HQ’s ‘pathway’. Together we sat down with my team and we came up with the values that we will run us and the practice by over the coming years. We hope you agree with these values and please let me know if you have any thoughts.
  1. Together we are more successful
  2. We care - every time- all the time
  3. We do the best we can
  4. We communicate directly, honestly and empathetically
  5. We are responsible and we are the solution
Our purpose is still the same:

To provide the highest quality pet care and be an integral link in the human animal bond.

There is a new one liner that has come out recently that I have called our promise.

At Vet HQ No one will work harder to look after your pets.

So is this all just talk. Over the coming months we will be making the following changes:
  1. This week we have increased the rostered veterinary team to four per day to ensure we can deal with your pets issues when they occur in a timely manner.
  2. By Christmas our new cat condo’s will have arrived to house our cats in new surrounds. (These his to go with our new cat boarding paint job, ceiling and roof)
  3. The managers will be getting a sectioned off walled office rather than being in open plan 
Over the past quarter we have said good bye to Sonja and Louise who have both been with us for 7 and 6 years respectively. Both started as animal attendants and were trained and given the experience to be some of the best nurses I have worked with (if I don’t say so myself)! For different reasons they have decided to leave us and we wish them well.

We have been joined by Astrid Jeffs and Melissa Ashby both qualified nurses. In the animal attendant role we have been joined by Jess Brogna. In the vet student roles we wish Imogene Game all the best for her final year of rotations all over the place before she becomes a qualified vet.

Finally the Vet team! A formal welcome to Troy Jackson a 2 year qualified Veterinarian from the mother country England.  She has spent the last 2 months mirroring the vet team and as of this week will be rostered on as our fourth vet. At the end of January we will be saying a temporary farewell to Tammy who will be going on maternity leave. As a control freak we wish Tammy all the best at controlling her new born but knowing Tammy she will come back having mastered the Gina Ford parenting technique and emailed Gina herself offering tips on doing it better. I have not finalised her maternity leave replacement as of yet but we are interviewing several experienced veterinarians currently.

Season’s Greetings to you all, Happy Holidays and see you all for our Champagne breakfast in the park on December 5.

Christmas Party Invitation


Blood Transfusions

Just recently one of our beautiful Day Care Dogs saved a life. In exchange for a bowl (or two) of freshly cooked chicken Billy patiently undertook the procedure where a small volume of his blood was removed from his jugular vein in his neck. He received IV fluids in exchange into a vein in his leg. The blood was collected into a special non clotting system and then slowly reintroduced into Jackie's circulation. 

Jackie's only recently had his spleen removed because of a bleeding tumour. He was anaemic and feeling weak because he had bled internally from his tumour and then had to undergo major surgery to have it removed.  Lucky Billy was around to save the day! 

Dogs and cats have blood groups just like us and transfusions must be carried out slowly to ensure that reactions do not occur. Jackie is on the mend and Billy is a hero. 

We welcome dogs and cats to volunteer for our blood donor registry. Dogs should be large breed, healthy, parasite free and preferable under 8 years of age. Cats should be healthy, free of blood borne viruses (like feline AIDS and leukaemia) and a bit younger - usually under 5 years of age. The owners also need to be available to drop their animals off at Vet HQ at short notice during business hours so that we can collect blood when desperately needed.  Unfortunately even the big specialist hospital only have limited facilities for long term storage of blood. So, we know this is not for everyone but we and our patients are forever grateful for those who can. 

Blood Donor


Chocolate toxicity 


Cinderella is a little 11year Chihuahua who took it upon herself to unwrap, chew through a Tupperware container and consume an entire box of chocolate brownies overnight. Thankfully she had vomited a large portion of the brownies overnight but the owners rushed her in first thing in the morning when they discovered the chocolate explosion.

Cinderella is only 3.6kg and her toxic dose of chocolate had well and truly been consumed in the rich chocolate brownies. Chocolate toxicity causes tremors, arrhythmias of the heart and vomiting and is related to the amount of cocoa content (so dark is more toxic than milk and white chocolate is not toxic).

Cinderella had vomited so much her electrolytes (hydration) were unbalanced and she had to stay in hospital on a drip for several days - receiving oral activated charcoal to try and absorb the remaining theobromine and caffeine in her body.

Cinderella was severely bloated as well and required supportive intravenous fluids for a week whilst with us in hospital. Small meals were offered but it was not until day 4 and day 5 that she started to eat on her own accord - surprising - considering she usually has such a ravenous appetite. 

Chocolate toxicity can happen so easily - and especially around the festive season when there are more treats lingering around. Be aware that even a small amount of chocolate can make your furry friends very sick and even fatal.

If in doubt - call us here at VetHQ and we can advise you on the best course of action. Symptoms to look out for post ingestion include: weakness, vomiting, muscle tremors, panting, restlessness and diarrhoea....which may escalate to seizures and death. Obviously if you are ever unsure - contact VetHQ 93261255 or our closest emergency centre after hours is at Eastside Vet Emergency. 

Luckily - Cinderella has now made a fantastic recovery and is thriving back at home. We're not sure if she's learnt her lesson or if she'd do it all again in a heartbeat - but hoping that she steers clear of the cocoa treats!




Nike is a gorgeous Labradoodle puppy who had some back luck recently when he took a very awkward fall off a low bench and started screaming.
When he came into Vet HQ he wasn’t able to put any weight on his left back leg and the knee felt swollen already. We took radiographs of his sore leg and discovered that he had a tibial crest avulsion fracture. This means the top of his shin bone broke off.
Puppies’ bones have growth plates which are regions of cartilage where the growth occurs. These regions of cartilage are not as strong as the bone and when an injury occurs, they are the weakest areas and where fractures most often occur, as was the case with Nike.
The following are the x-rays of Nike’s fractured left leg and the comparison to his right leg.

We performed an orthopaedic surgery to pin the fractured piece of bone back to where it belongs and secured it with some wire. Below is the x-ray we took after the surgery showing the pin and wire.

Nike recovered really well from the surgery but has been given strict instructions to rest during the healing process (something he doesn’t seem too keen on). We expect him to be back to his crazy, hyperactive little self in no time.
Luckily, Nike’s surgery and care was covered by his pet insurance. Accidents happen and insurance can really help during these unexpected situations. If you don’t have insurance for your pets, please contact Vet HQ to speak to us about the options.
Dr Nicky Goldberg

The 7 point plan 


June 2015

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Our Values:
Together we are more successful
We care - every time- all the time
We do the best we can
We communicate directly, honestly and empathetically
We are responsible and we are the solution
Our Purpose:
To provide the highest quality pet care and be an integral link between you and your pet
Our Promise:
No one will work harder to look after your pets.

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