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Lynn Bailey - Printmaker
Welcome to Newsletter 4

Hope you are all enjoying the hot sunny weather we are having at the moment.
To be honest, at present I’m buzzing with ideas for artwork, but I keep having to put my own interests on hold to edition other artists work and to attend to things at Double Elephant generally. Don’t get me wrong, I actually get immense pleasure helping other people with their printmaking. It’s just a matter of trying to keep a balance. So I do have quite a bit of news for you and I’m still holding back an idea I have for November – more of that for the next newsletter from me.
Here’s a quick list of what’s in this newsletter:-

  1. Botanical Discoveries at the Devon Guild Shop
  2. New outlets.
  3. Victorian Devon - Killerton House & Northcott Theatre
  4. Ongoing Hedgehog sagas
  5. Open Studios: DOS – 7-22 September
  6. A visit to the Bees
  7. Double Elephant News –
  • Updating archives
  • National Artists Bursary Scheme
  • Editioning
  • Courses

1. Botanical Discoveries at the Devon Guild Shop.
Nettles for Red Admirals. Lynn BaileyWhen the staff at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s shop at Bovey Tracey asked if I could contribute some work to a themed display they are calling Botanical Discoveries, I decided to discover the importance of Nettles. We all love butterflies but most of us hate caterpillars and we’re not exactly fond of nettles. And if we don’t allow space for the nettles, there will be no caterpillars to transform into some of our most loved butterflies.

For this set of work I settled down to some rather intensive drawing. Oh boy… those caterpillars and butterflies are complicated... I managed complete drawings of Red Admiral, Peacock and Comma butterflies. These drawings I turned into photo etching and photo screen and printed them with pressed and dried Nettles. One of the photo etching plates has at least 45 butterflies (each individually coloured) - which I printed with large nettle-shaped absences. You don’t see many butterflies if your nettles are absent you see….

This theme will be in the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s shop until September.
You can get interesting glimpses of work in progress on my FaceBook page here
but if you get to Bovey Tracey you can see more of the completed works.


2. New Outlets.

Light GalleryI have been very lucky to have two brand new opportunities to display and hopefully sell my artwork.

The first opportunity is a brand new gallery in Axminster. This is The Light Gallery and Studio recently opened and run by Joy White and Drew Yapp.  What with the River Cottage Café, the Marle Gallery and White Space just around the corner there are even more reasons to visit Axminster.

The second new opportunity is the Thelma Hulbert Gallery’s newly refurbished shop. They have decided that it would be jolly nice to have a retail area dedicated as an outlet for Double Elephant Print Workshop’s members. THG are re-launching their shop and cafe to include an extended area for sales. The new expanded shop will open on Saturday 13 July to coincide with the popular Evolver show.

3. Victorian Devon - Killerton House & Northcott Theatre

Meanwhile, back at Double Elephant, I am contributing to an exhibition at Killerton House, which will also be rehung at the Northcott Theatre.

This is part of a larger Heritage Lottery funded project involving Print on Prescription. The POP group re using their research into the history of Northenhay Gardens’ five Grade II listed statues and the men they depict to inspire their printmaking. Read more about the project here.

Ha-Ha. Killeton HouseA statue of Thomas Acland creates the link with Killerton House. My contribution will be focusing on the Ha-Ha. A Ha-Ha is a feature used in landscape garden design to keep grazing livestock out of a garden while providing an uninterrupted view from within. For me it creates an interesting boundary between a maintained (boring) lawn and more exuberant (interesting) weed strewn nature.

The exhibition will be at Killerton House, 3rd – 20th August and at the Northcott Theatre 2nd September – 3rd November.

4. Ongoing Hedgehog Sagas

You might recall that at the end of the last newsletter I rather recklessly announced that I was planning to submit work to The Royal Academy Summer show for the very first time. I duly packed off my rather popular hedgehog print with the etching of a badger to keep it company to try its luck in the big city.  Well – all I can say is that the RA failed to find room for either of them. BUT that did mean that I didn’t have to ring fence my remaining Hedgehog prints as reserved for the RA and relisted them in my Etsy shop and sold a couple. … Only a few left, by the way…

5. Open Studios: DOS - 7-22 September

Devon Open StdiosOther than the new outlets and exhibitions mentioned above, the next big thing in my diary will be Devon Open Studios in September. If all goes to plan I will have quite a bit of new work that hasn’t been seen at an open studio event before. As before, at Devon Open Studios I shall only be open at the three weekends (7&8, 13&14, 21&22 Sept) 11am – 6pm. But this time I shall also open on the last Friday - 20th. Other days and times by appointment – so do give me a call if you want to arrange your own time to visit!

My studio at 46 Heavitree Road is very easy to reach from the centre of Exeter. Just past the swimming pool, between Denmark Road and Spicer Road on your way to St Luke and the new Waitrose. Put EX1 2LQ in Google Maps and you’ll find it!

As this is a little way off yet – don’t be surprised if you get an additional invite nearer the time.
I do hope you can make visit – it can get a little dull waiting for the next batch of visitors to turn up and I enjoy talking to people about the stories behind my artwork and printmaking in general.

6. A Visit to the Bees

Princesshay Rooftop GardenHere’s an early heads-up for a project that I have brewing.  Did you know that there is a rooftop garden with beehives on top of the shops in Princesshay? (Link to article) At present they have 3 hives for honey bees with the intention to have five. As you are probably aware, bees need all the help they can get these days, so this really appeals to me, plus I love the strange juxtaposition of the stark, rather industrial roof-scape, the cottage garden plantings and the traditional rather homely beehives.

As soon as I found out about the Princesshay Rooftop Bees, I just had to go and have a look for myself. And now I have negotiated being Artist in Residence to the bees! At present I am just doing preliminary studies with the view of embarking on a proper project in the spring/summer next year. More of this another time. But if you would like to see me in a Bee suit see here

7. Double Elephant News

There are always lots of new things happening at Double Elephant.

  • The new website has bedded in well and my colleagues are doing a grand job updating archives, so you can look into Double Elephants past as well as keep up to date with regular news items.
  • One of the major projects that Double Elephant is engaged in at the moment is our first ever  National Artists Bursary Scheme. I had the privilege recently of looking after one group of bursary artists with Catherine Cartwright. It was a stimulating challenge to work with non-printmaking artists and help them realise their worth through various printmaking techniques.
  • It’s also a pleasure in the quieter times to be able to edition prints for other (usually more established) artists. I personally have a bit of a run on editioning work at the moment. Strangely enough I enjoy the challenge of printing other people plates they way that they like them, but a bit more consistently and possibly better than they could print them themselves. To print a plate in the style of the particular artist can be quite exacting, especially if they are not primarily a printmaker and their methods are a bit *unorthodox*. Keeps me on my toes ;-)
  • AND don’t forget – there are always plenty of courses throughout the year.

 I do hope you enjoy receiving my newsletters. I will be sending out a reminder about Devon Open Studios closer to the date – otherwise, I expect the next newsletter will be in the autumn. But feel free to get in touch with me at any time.

Have a great summer!!

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