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For whom do students aspire to work?

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Source for Expected Salary: 180 Student entries
Source for Actual Salary: Finance professionals with less than one year of experience

  • Students do their homework : many students have clearly researched the issue, as their expectations come very close to actual salaries (<7% gap between aspiration and reality)
  • Banks & Big 4 are still attractive : while the proportion of business graduates going to work in big tech firms or Start-ups is allegedly increasing, prestigious financial institutions and accountancy firms are still considered to be top choices by students
  • Goldman Sachs & J.P.Morgan benefit from their reputation : beyond dealmaking league tables, top banks are likely to be popular among students thanks to their high starting salaries
Alice Leguay from Emolument said 'With 40% of our entrants studying business-related degrees, we expected to see financial institutions top the tables. For all the banker-bashing of the last few years, the industry retains the imagination of young graduates eager to pay off their student loans fast and earn their stripes at blue chip institutions. One of the key challenges for banks in the coming years will be to convince this generation to stay on as they become drawn to alternative tech, private equity & VC opportunities.'
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