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Should you quit banking to play tennis?

NOTE: if using the data below, it is essential that you refer to as ‘salary benchmarking site’ and use hyperlinks to has analysed 11,000 Finance professionals working in London. Wimbledon prizes come from Wimbledon official Website, and players’ revenue figures come from Forbes.

Tennis players and finance professionals' income

  • Only top bankers make it to the final : Only most seniors bankers in high remunerating departments such as trading or M&A can match what the semi-finalists of Wimbledon earn during the tournament.
  • … Still, it may be better to specialize in M&A than in doubles tennis ? At £162,000 for the winner, doubles tennis players are actually paid less than high paying bank departments professionals. A pair of well assorted traders and brokers could defeat the Bryan brothers.
  • Athletes have stamina: Bankers salary figures are annual, while Wimbledon only lasts two weeks and a tennis pro can usually play in 20+ tournaments a year, and also earn huge sponsorship fees (which is not the case for bankers, as far as we know)
  • Highest paid tennis players crush their banking counterpart : The highest paid tennis player in 2014, Roger Federer, earned £36m, while the highest paid banker, Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein earned £14.8m, which would only rank him 5th in a highest paid tennis players' list, between Maria Sharapova and Li Na .

Alice Leguay from said: 'Bankers are in the spotlight nearly as much as tennis stars, and both often incur negative coverage with doping and tax evasion for some, and greed and tax evasion for others. However the public has a soft spot for high earning athletes whose grueling training and exacting skills have earned them their good fortune, while bankers are seen as undeserving of their high earnings.' – an overview was launched in 2012 as the only real-time bonus & salary benchmarking site dedicated to finance and other professional services industries. With over 52,000 contributions from individuals at over 18,500 institutions the service has become the leading provider of validated real-time remuneration data. crowdsources salary and bonus data directly from individual professionals who contribute anonymously. In return, contributors receive free access to aggregated market results broken down by title, location and sector.  Emolument’s mission is to provide greater transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions.
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