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Which lawyers earn the most?

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Source: 266 UK Associates with less than 5 years' experience

With the hit TV show 'Suits' showing lawyers to be the epitome of slick power and wealth, it may be that a larger than usual fresh raft of young graduates investigate the Law as a career. If money is part of their selection process when it comes to picking a specialism, here are a few pointers:
  • Stereotypes still stand: Law associates working in Financial-related fields earn the most, while lawyers with public or individual clients get paid the least.
  • Still, the gap is impressive : with the same experience and job title, personal injury lawyers earn x2.5 less than investment banking lawyers
  • High salaries in Compliance & Regulatory are a direct consequence of the financial crisis and the tougher financial regulations that ensued, with high budgets allocated by banks to either avoid paying fines or pre-empt legal entanglement
Alice Leguay from said: 'However much we would enjoy findings showing that working in support of the greater good also yields the best returns, we are deflated to see that the gap between public interest legal work and finance-related activities is quite so substantial for junior lawyers, many of which will be lured towards business law despite original intentions of going down the public service route.'
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