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The Very Highest-Paying Jobs in Finance

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Everyone loves to read about ridiculous banker salaries, so this week we collected the most ridiculous of banker salaries in order to answer the question: what are the very highest-paying jobs in finance?

The answers are unsurprising, but may be enlightening to aspiring bankers trying to decide on a specialism. Analyst salaries are fairly uniform across all specialisms, but by the time these analysts reach MD level, their salaries differ dramatically, with MDs in areas like Structuring, Trading, and M&A earning as much as double what their counterparts in Fund Management and Institutional Sales are bringing in. 

An interactive version of this chart is available here.

Highest MD Salaries in Finance Specialisms

Equivalent Analyst Salaries in Banking Specialisms

  • The top spots go to investment bankers, with salaries topping £600,000 for MDs in Structuring and Trading. This works out as more than 10 times what an analyst in the same specialism can expect to earn.
  • This is partly thanks to the vast increase in bonus as a percentage of salary over bankers' careers. Analysts can expect between 10% and 20% of their salary as a bonus, while MDs receive up to 150% of their salary over again as a bonus.
  • These results may not surprise seasoned finance professionals. However, to uninitiated graduates looking to begin a banking career, one £60K analyst salary may look much like another, and the extent to which these salaries later diverge could come as a shock.

Results are based on 5,400 finance professionals working in the UK. 

Alice Leguay, COO and co-founder at Emolument said "The golden age of bonuses may be well and truly over, with a narrowing pay gap between bankers and other jobs such as asset managers or consultants, bankers are still by far the best paid employees in Europe. With public perception at an all-time low, the prospect of a fat paycheck probably helps make up for the social stigma of being a banker in our post-2008 world."

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