Ada Lovelace Day
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IT Industry: Gender Gap

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Today’s Ada Lovelace Day is a celebration of women working in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). However, it also serves as a reminder of how far there is to go before women have the same advantages as men in these fields.

We took the opportunity to analyse the prospects and salaries of women in the IT industry. The results are not encouraging:

Generalist/Management Positions

  • Though the 3:1 ratio of men to women at entry level still leaves room for improvement, it looks fantastic compared to the ratio in more senior positions, or in more technical development roles (see below).
  • Female CTOs and Heads of IT actually earn 3% more than their male counterparts. However, the 15:1 ratio of men to women at this level means that only a precious few female executives get to enjoy this pay parity.
Software Development Positions
  • The representation of women in developer roles is uniformly abysmal, with a ratio of 10 men to every women apparently quite normal, rising to 25:1 among senior C# developers. 
  • Web development (HTML/Javascript) is more female-friendly than other programming languages, with a significantly smaller pay gap as well as slightly better gender ratios. However, salaries are also lower than for other languages.

Alice Leguay from Emolument said "These figures really take the spotlight away from the financial services gender gap to focus not only on the pay gap in IT but also the dearth of women involved in the sector altogether. In order to tackle the issue at the root, girls should be encouraged to pursue IT related subjects at school in order to break down a common perception that IT is a masculine prerogative. Hopefully, women's involvement in web development is only the start of a more radical change in perception."

Results are based on 1352 IT professionals working in the UK. Pay gap percentage was calculated as percentage difference between men's salary and women's, i.e. if the women's salary is 95% of the men's salary, the pay gap is 5%.

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