On October 19, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved solar power for our new Animal Services Center! The solar system will be designed to make our new home net-zero energy, meaning we will generate nearly all the power we need right here on-site - the first government shelter in the USA to achieve this distinction! Zero energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced on-site through renewable resources. 
When the solar projects are complete, the County will rank 10th nationally among organizations, both public and private, for on-site renewable energy generation according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership July 2021 rankings.
What is a day like for our intrepid field services staff? We recently partnered with Animal Control Officer Erick Gonzalez on a video to give you a taste of the rewards and challenges and wide variety of services our team provides every day helping animals and people in our neighborhoods.
State Senator John Laird paid us a special visit on October 21 for a complete tour of the Animal Services Center. Senator Laird wanted to know why we are the best public shelter in the country. We walked him through our 37,000 square foot facility and all the specialized amenities throughout the eight-acre campus. By the end of the tour, Senator Laird said, "The Animal Services Center is impressive. I can't believe the amount of space that is in here, and the outdoor amenities are great for the animals." The Center is open seven days a week and serves part of the Senator's district, including southern Santa Clara County areas of San Martin, Gilroy, Morgan Hill.

This year we have provided care to nearly 5,000 dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. We are grateful for the support of our animal-loving community, who helped us go the extra mile to provide the high-level care all animals deserve through your contributions. Many have become a part of our lifesaving mission and paved the way to a better future for animals through a dedicated brick purchase. We are thrilled to provide you with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be a part of a tribute to animals and the love we share with them that will last for many years to come. You can still leave a lasting memory with a personally engraved commemorative brick and pay tribute to pets that touched your lives or a gift to animal lovers you may know. Be a part of the first commemorative brick installation with the purchase of a dedication brick that will continue to build the path forward at our new Center. 

Meet Lorance Gomez, our new Animal Center Operations Manager! Lorance’s lifelong passion for working with animals led him to a career uniquely positioned to help the most vulnerable animals in our County, State, and beyond. Most recently, he served as the Shelter Manager for San Jose Animal Care and Services, where he coordinated with community groups and animal welfare partners to bring the shelter with an annual intake of around 15,000 dogs and cats to a live-release rate of over 90%. This was no small task and required the organization of monthly transports of kittens to northern states, including Canada, where they are in lower supply and high demand. Lorance also brings clinical experience, having started his professional work with animals as a veterinary assistant in private practice. Lorance joined our team on September 7, 2021.

Meet Stephanie Riley, our new Animal Services Field Manager! Stephanie has been provisionally filling the role for nearly an entire year and has guided our Animal Control Officer team through the challenges and changes that came with COVID-19 health orders. She and her team remained active throughout the Shelter-In-Place Order to ensure animals and people in our service area remained safe. During those challenges, she coordinated field animal response for animals evacuated or sheltering in place during the SCU and CZU Lightning Complex Fires. Stephanie officially took on her new role on August 9, 2021. 

We welcome Lorance and Stephanie and look forward to their continued dedication to our team, animals, and the community!

You can give your pet a longer, healthier, and happier life by fixing them. Learn about the benefits of spay and neuter, including low-cost options available in your area. 

Spay and Neuter
The County requires dogs and cats to be licensed, which makes it an easy way to get your pets home if your furry loved ones ever become lost. Show you care and license them today!
The County of Santa Clara Animal Services Center is an open-intake shelter that accepts stray and abandoned domestic animals from the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County as well as the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. The ​Animal Services Center provides shelter to homeless pets, reunites lost pets with their families, facilitates pet adoption and provides volunteer opportunities for those looking for the opportunity to improve the lives of pets in our care.
Our Field Services Division investigates complaints of violations of State and County ordinances within the unincorporated areas of the County. We protect pets in the community by investigating animal cruelty and neglect complaints. Our mission is protect and improve the lives of people and animals in our County, and we count on the people of our community to help accomplish that goal.​
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