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COVID-19 Updates for Santa Clara County

Latest news for our community.
Saturday, July 18
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Dear Neighbors,

Approximately 70%, or the majority of COVID-19 cases in Santa Clara County, come from presumed community transmission. This is when a confirmed case cannot be traced back to either close contact with another known case, travel, or with a known outbreak.

In these cases, Public Health presumes that the infected person was exposed somewhere in the community, such as a grocery store, restaurant, or public transit. This is why it continues to be so important that we each choose to stay home as much as possible. 

We are also seeing that when we break down the cases by age, over 35% of all cases are 20-39 year-olds. While it is less likely that people of these ages will develop serious illness, they are not invincible. We have yet to learn the long-term health effects of COVID-19. 

This is why getting tested for COVID-19 at regular intervals is so important and why limiting trips outside your home is even more important. Testing allows us to see which areas in the county could have potential outbreaks so we can focus our resources to those areas and prevent larger outbreaks.

We also know that at least 25% of people will not have symptoms while they are infectious, so you could expose people you love without knowing it. Be safe, be mindful, and be kind to each other. Remember to cover your face, maintain space, and keep in place (as much as possible).

Take care,
The County of Santa Clara


What Else is New?

The checkmark equals safety! Look for the NEW checkmark dated July 2 before entering any place of business. If you do not see the checkmark, remind the business or report the business for not following the Health Order. 
We took a deep dive into contact tracing this week with our Assistant Health Officer Dr. Rudman and Infectious Disease Investigator Gonzalo Riccombeni. In the LIVE show they covered:
  • Why contact tracing is important
  • The role of a contact tracer
  • Your role
Whenever you leave your home, remember to bring hand sanitzer and a clean face covering + one more in a paper bag in case one gets soiled.
  • Cover your face
  • Maintain space
  • Stay in place (as much as possible)

Dr. Cody has a few choice words for everyone


In the words of Dr. Sarah Rudman...

"Contact tracing is a tool we've used in public health for decades, if not almost centuries, and we use it for a wide range of diseases."

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