Pulse Roasted Chickpeas
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These aren’t your grandmother’s ceci beans

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas: a healthy snack that actually tastes good

| January 31, 2013 | Photo courtesy Jen Chou |

Pasta e ceci (tubetti pasta with chickpeas) was a makeshift dinner dish when Marisa was growing up. Although she disliked them as a child, Marisa now likes chickpeas in everything. Francesca has always loved them, especially in the form of panelle, the delicious chickpea fritters that are a popular Palermo street food. So 150ish was excited to discover Pulse Roasted Chickpeas at the recent New York Food Manufacturers Expo. We loved their crispy crunch—so different from other roasted chickpeas we’d tried—and had to know more.
Here’s the dish. It all started after a workout. Linda Kim was starving so her friend reached into her gym bag and pulled out a package of roasted chickpeas. “They were good,” Linda says, “and really satisfied my hunger. I checked out the nutritional facts on the label and saw what a great healthy snack this could be.”
The idea began to percolate. Although Linda liked her friend’s chickpeas, she thought they were a little dense and lacking in crunch. “I thought I could develop a snack with a much lighter texture and different flavors,” she explained. “I started to experiment in the kitchen, but I couldn’t get it right and eventually gave up on the concept.” Then a family friend set her back on course. “This woman worked in the food industry and my brother had told her about my chickpea concept,” Linda recalls. “She was really encouraging and pushed me to get back into the kitchen and figure it out.”
Linda decided to approach the problem like any other trip to the lab she made while studying psychobiology at UCLA. Working with the variables of time and heat, she finally achieved the crunchy texture she had dreamed of after a lot of trial and error. Once she had the texture right, she went through many formulations to determine her flavors.
“I wanted to produce a snack that was actually healthy, not just a snack that was ‘better for you’ than something else. So I didn’t want the flavorings to dilute the health benefits of the chickpeas,” Linda explains. The motto of her line is Snacks with a Purpose, and the nutritional facts bear this out.
To begin with, chickpeas are naturally high in fiber and protein, but low in fat and low on the glycemic index—and they are gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free. An entire bag of Pulse chickpeas has 10 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein—and less than 220 calories.
Like the chickpeas, all of Linda’s flavorings are 100-percent organic—and there’s no sugar added. “I’m committed to that,” she says. “With all of my flavors, I’ve worked to make sure that each ingredient has a purpose of maintaining or adding to the nutritional value.” Currently, her line includes plain, balsamic, sea salt and garlic, and spicy lemon zest (a combination of lemon and cayenne).
Linda launched her line in November, 2012, and is a one-woman operation: She roasts, packages, and sells her products by herself, working from the WHEDCO Urban Horizons commercial kitchen in the Bronx. “I go to the kitchen a couple of days a week,” she says. “One day roasting, one day packaging.” The rest of her time is spent building her network of retailers and doing in-store demos. “The key is getting people to taste it—and parents love it because it’s a snack that their kids can easily bring to school.”
150ish loves their versatility too. When we asked if they could be used for cooking, Linda replied: “Oh yeah! I add the balsamic flavor to yogurt; I’ll toss them into soups. I’ve had them with green beans, and make my own trail mix. I’ve also thrown them in the food processor and used the crumbs to make the pie crust. The crumbs are great for coating chicken and fish, too—and that’s a great gluten-free alternative to breadcrumbs.”
You can order Pulse Roasted Chickpeas directly from the website—which features free shipping on all orders—or visit the site for a list of retail stores.
Correction: Last week’s cold snap caused a 150ish brain freeze. Once Again Nut Butter's American Classic line is made with organic palm fruit oil, which is the good kind of palm oil. We apologize for the error.

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