Four ARDOR contributors noted in 2013 Best of the Net awards.

We Congratulate Our Best of the Net Award Winner & Finalists

This year Sundress Publications received nominations from over 200 editors for their annual Best of the Net Anthology. Each editor was invited to nominate two short stories, two essays and six poems. As a new publication we were excited to nominate work from our first two issues. Today we're pleased to share good news.

Luisa A. Igloria's poem, The Loss and Recovery of Wings, was one of twenty poems selected by Judge A.E. Stallings for inclusion in this year's anthology. Additionally, we would like to congratulate our three finalists: Andrew Dutton (Fiction), Sean Finucane Toner (Nonfiction) and Liz Dolan (Poetry).

We invite you to revisit the work of Luisa, Andrew, Sean and Liz by clicking the links provided below. As always you can connect with our writers to send them kind words via the contributor links at the rear of the publication.
Read Luisa's Poem

Luisa A. Igloria, Poetry

The Loss and Recovery of Wings was featured alongside three other poems by Luisa in ARDOR's second issue, published in tandem with a short author interview. Selected by A.E. Stallings for inclusion in the 2013 Best of the Net Anthology, this poem can be read in Issue Two and is also anthologized on the Best of the Net website.

My eldest daughter has fallen in love
     with the 1920s, researching costumes and props
          for a play: the flapper girl look—flounces and kick-pleats,
               the beaded rose-colored dresses and crinkly,
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Read Andrew's Story

Andrew Dutton, Fiction

Andrew's short story, Mesa, was featured in Issue One alongside an interview in which he discussed his writing process. We're thrilled that Mesa was selected as a finalist by fiction judge Ayse Papatya Bucak and we hope you'll revisit Andrew's fine short story in Issue One.

Jenny and I were driving out from the East and having a time of it. We’d taken the coastal route down from New England, crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and camped the first night on Assateague Island, where wild ponies stood ankle-deep in the surf.    Read More
Read Liz's Poem

Liz Dolan, Poetry

Liz Dolan's poem, A Rising Rugby Star Dies in a Slurry Pit, appeared in Issue Two and was named a finalist by A.E. Stallings in this year's Best of the Net Awards.

He must have thought it another bloody
rough and tumble scrum,
a bone crushing brawl
heads bashing, the thud of bodies,
skin burning, eyes mud-blinded 
arms and legs slipping through his fingers.
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Read Sean's Essay

Sean Finucane Toner, Nonfiction

Sean Toner's Special Needs appeared in our inaugural issue and was one of seven pieces named a finalist by nonfiction judge Margaret Lazarus Dean in this year's Best of the Net Awards. Sean's honest narrative appeared in the opening pages of our debut issue, introducing readers to the style of nonfiction we love to publish. We're so excited to see Sean's work recognized in this way.

These days, in the month before the Death Match, Robin comes home, grabs a quick lunch, and takes us on a spin to a nearby park for the remainder of her hour.  Read More
Submission Guidelines

Submissions Open for Issue Five

We're always on the lookout for unique, necessary prose and poetry. We hope you'll consider ARDOR as a potential home for your original fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Submissions are open year-round.

ALSO: In 2014 we hope to expand our blog, offering regular articles on craft, submission advice and book reviews. If you are interested in contributing please pitch an idea by email or submit a post via submittable.
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