"We are what we repeatedly do.”
― Aristotle
April 26, 2013

Brands Experimenting in New Spaces
  • Infiniti wants to be your personal concierge even if you have no interest in buying an Infiniti vehicle. The #2 luxury car manufacturer has been operating a live call center for all of their owners, standing at the ready to do almost anything, and have just announced that now anyone can sign up for a 60-day trial of the service. Luxury is as luxury does.
  • wants to compete with Amazon by producing its own products, products you couldn't find anywhere else. To accomplish that, they're turning to the crowd to help them get the initiative off the ground.
Startups We're Watching
  • CentUp is hoping to be the tip-jar for the 21st century. With a simple click, you can donate pennies to your favorite content creators and the charities they support.
  • Shapeways is hoping to do for 3D printing what eBay did for ecommerce and they've just announced $30 million in funding to do just that. You can already browse over 3 million products on their platform and they ship over 60,000 orders worldwide each month.
Apps We're Using
  • Wello gives you access to live personal training sessions through your webcam. It's beach season, people.
  • Tagg is Nike Fuelband for your pet. Track their location and their activity, all through the web or your smartphone.


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