Jacqueline Sullivan Studio Letter

November - December  2012


 Jacqueline's Studio Letter
November/December 2012

To know someone here or there with whom you feel there is understanding
in spite of distances or thoughts unexpressed
that can make of this earth a garden.
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Dear Fellow Artists & Friends,

I love this quote because so often we only contact people over the holidays or think of people from our past that we have loved. I don’t always express to people that I miss them and I hope that my friends and family understand this. I've used this quote many a time on my cards and journals and thought it an apt opening for our "its not too late to make some holiday cards" edition. And welcome all to our second issue ! Thank you for the heartwarming and supportive comments from our first efforts published last month. We have yet to set up the Studio Letter archive on Jacqueline's webpage so in the meantime use this link if your would like to review the October issue {  } or share with friends, your guild or art center.

Consider this issue to be our year-end effort. With the holiday season approaching as quickly as the leaves fell from our trees this autumn we thought we might offer ideas and resources for those holiday cards you have yet to make. And from the Queens of the Last-Minute we guarantee that the ideas, templates, quotes and paper resources we have collected will provide you with all you need for an afternoon of holiday card-making satisfaction.

And in the rest of the Studio Letter ?
Look for the text box updating Jacqueline's workshop schedule. The January Studio Letter will have Jacqueline's complete 2013 workshop schedule. An announcement of Jacqueline's  newest DVD - Mixed Media Textural Collage is on Jacqueline's blog [11/13/12]. Particulars on what is included and ordering info can be found there and look for a brief note at the end of the Letter.  What's new in my studio this season......"Make-It" instructions and a supply list for Jacqueline's Random College Card and her new Sewing Card. Resources on where to find a wide array of quotes that can be used for your holdiay cards and new years greetings. A list of Jacqueline's favorite resources for card making including her favorite blank card stock/envelopes, adhesives, art paper and embellishments.

In this letter Jacqueline will be sharing studio tips for creating handmade cards using the resources you have today in your studio whether they be small pieces of paper from your art paper collection, small bits of colored tissue paper, saved wraping paper in a favored pattern, your own paste patina papers,
ribbons, doo-dads and raffia. Plus a few studio tips and thoughts .........and so we begin.

As always please pass along the studio letter to anyone in your circle whom you think might be interested. We will post a web link to Jacqueline's blog and FB page to make it easier to share.

Contact us directly via email @ to pose questions, provide critique and suggest future topics -  We welcome them all !

Something New -
Sewing Cards !

As many of you know I have become intensely interested in sewing, fiber and fabric arts. The first sewing machine that I bought was a $59 special from Wal-Mart. I deliberately went for a cheap one because I knew that I was going to use it unconventionally. One of the very first things I did was to sew a piece of 26 gauge copper to an art quilt.  It worked and what fun to combine two loves – sewing and metal. So what else could I combine with sewing ?  Well paper, of course!  I printed out some quotes that I laid out using “fancy” fonts. I printed them on Asian handmade paper that I hand fed one sheet at a time into my HP inkjet printer. I used the “other paper” choice in the print command menu so that the printer would know to adjust for a different thickness and texture.
I use a xyron machine to put adhesive on the backs of my collage papers. My studio has the professional model, but home model and other Xyron gadgets are available.
Double sided adhesive sheets work extremely well for attaching all types of paper and photos and is wonderful for those beautiful pieces of tissue paper you have been saving. The full sized adheisve sheets are available at art supply stores, scrapbook stores and on-line art supply retailers. Professional art suppliers such as FLAX in San Francisco sell extra large sheets [20"x30"]  Therm-o-web makes a double sided adhesive in multiple sizes but 8 ½ x 11 mounting sheets are also very easy to use.
Once I had the quote mounted I threaded the machine with metallic thread. I like the colors in the Coats & Clarks Metallic Thread line especially the Copper one ! I used the metallic thread in both the top of the machine and in the bobbin. I like the idea of the inside pattern formed by the sewing being in metallic. If you want it to be less visible use a thread in your bobbin that matches your card stock or an invisible thread. I used a new needle in the machine that is made for metallic threads. You then have your choice of decorative stitches on your machine to create a metallic border around the various paper collage elements on your card.

Wouldn’t this be a great idea to use on your holiday cards to give them some sparkle?
gifting from Jacqueline's Studio.....
Look no further for that special something - here is a selection from Jacqueline's Studio
  • silk scarves
  • hand made cards
  • mixed media original art
  • Jacqueline's DVD art workshops
  • contact Jacqueline for custom packages of art supplies to accompany each DVD
  • gift certificates for one of my upcoming workshops
  • gift certificate for Studio Time - private and small group sessions available
Jacqueline's Newest Art Workshop DVD
Mixed Media Textural Collage
Jacqueline has just released her 2nd art workshop on DVD ! and to celebrate the newest DVD she is gifting the first 25 orders with a special packet of metallic foil transfer sheets [3sq ft each] in cooper, gold and silver. Jacqueline receives more inquires about this item than almost any "texture" in her art kit.  
35" art workshop - $20 s+h plus sample of Japanese Lace Paper. Additional materials included: 
 1. a full supply list needed to complete the class and project
 2. a copy of my published article Magical Modeling Paste
 3. resource list for products and papers used
 4. a color suggestion palette for mixed media collages
See Jacqueline's blog post for complete details on the DVD's content and ordering.

Creating Holiday Cards in Jacqueline's Studio
One of my very favorite ways to make a unique, personal and very special greeting card is what I call “Random Collage Cards”. It is a way to make a collage without a plan and they always come out beautiful! These cards are easy to create in batches once you have the full page collage made. Buying pre-cut blank greeting cards cans save time too. And if you fear running out of time for creating those special Xmas or Hanukkah greetings  - these collage cards work equally well for New Years Greetings. See also my favorite quote resources later in this Letter for a wealth of words to make these cards treasured gifts for the special people in your life.
Here’s what I do……


Our Favorite Quote Resources.....
  • Jacqueline's Quote Gallery - on her website
  • Teri Martin's wonderful not to be missed "quote of the day" sign up for your daily quotes
  • Robert Genn's large interactive quote directory - The Painter's Keys website
  • The Writer's Almanac - subscribe to a lovely collection of daily poems and literay facts even a reading by Garrison Keiler himself !
  • - an interactive database of poems and poets - a website to bookmark and loose yourself in as you search for those just right quotes
  • BrainyQuote of the Day - something new every day about art, science, nature, even a picture to go with the quote of the day; site also has search
  • The Quotations Page - not a very pretty site but organized by author, subject and has a good search tool
  • Bartlett's Poems for Occasions is a large well organized selection of poems [and thus quotes!] published in 2004 and still avialable from Powells Books + Books Inc - worthy of any artist's bookshelf
  • and of course the grandam of all..... Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - since 1855 a must have for anyone who likes to have a ready quote at hand for impormtu speeches, blessings, toasts and of course cards ! 17th edition now in bookstores.

jacqueline's favorite card making art supplies + resources

Knowing Jacqueline for as long as I have, I was certain she had a treasury of resources, ideas, links, tips, best buys and superlative products tucked away in her mental art space. I decided the best way to get Jacqueline to reveal her secrets was to just interview her [from 2500 miles away!] and then fill in the blanks using some old fashioned web searches to provide you with links and details on Jacqueline’s treasure trove of creative stuff. Willing to share a personal art supply delectable ? Leave a message @ and we’ll post it in the January Studio Letter.…..chris in Jacqueline’s “west coast office”
Get the full trove on J's Blog
card making websites you asked ?

a few suggestions to begin your search......

HGTN - handmade holiday cards -- 12 days of handmade DIY holiday cards by Liz Gray, 12/15/11

Sandi Genovese free on iTune Showgrams - 47 projects podcasted on this site

Handmade Greeting Card Ideas on Pinterest - 200+ images to get your creative mojo going
Jacqueline Designs, Inc
A Studio Letter
Nov/Dec  ~  2012
Vol. 1  #2
Written & Published By:
Jacqueline Sullivan
Chris Wachsmuth

Upcoming Workshops

December 11, 2012
Discovering the Magic of Acrylics
Jacqueline's 4 week online workshop

March 16, 2013
Chicago Calligraphy Collective

April 9-13, 2013

Needlework & Textile Guild of Michigan

May 21-23, 2013
Village Brush Strokes Workshop
Hot Springs, Arkansas

June 8-9, 2013
Traverse City Art Center
Traverse City, Michigan

June 26-30, 2013
Focus on Book Arts
Forest Grove, Oregon


 contact Jacqueline for additional information on these workshops or to arrange a workshop with your guild or art center

staying in touch....

Thank you for using the forward to a friend link to share this studio letter with fellow artists, colleagues and friends who are interested in the artful life. Be certain of updates on workshops - retreats - new DVDs and to receive your personal issue of my studio letter by keeping me current with your email address changes. You can add your name to my website list @ - email me directly @ or link to the studio letter subscription below. I never sell - trade or exchange my mailing lists and promise not to overwhelm your in-box ! And remember you can "unsubscribe" at any time the spirit moves you ! 

books + card ideas

there are hundreds [?? thousands] of books in new + used bookstores, on-line and in our public libraries devoted to the art of papercraft and cardmaking but these are on Jacqueline's book shelf and have been go-to resources for years. Do you have favorite titles you would like to share ? We'll publish the list in January with or without your attributions !

Pop-Up Cards: And Other Greetings That Slide, Dangle & Move
Sandi Genovese, 2008,
still available new + used; new paperback edition 2012

Making Greeting Cards with Rubber Stamps, 1997
Greetng Card Magic with Rubber Samps, 2000
MaryJo McGraw
note: Powell's Books has 10 of McGraw's books in stock now

Creative Greeting Cards, 2000
Sandi Genovese
still available in used bookstores, eBay + via amazon sellers
note: the 2008 edition is available @ John Neal Booksellers

Cards that Pop Up, Flip & Slide, 2005
Michael Jacobs
available on amazon in paperback + kindle
also on

Where to check for books new + classic...used or never touched + ebooks.....
John Neal - Powells Books - - eBay - Books Inc - barnes + nobel - and that old standby Amazon

Searching for that out-of-print book ? try, in the UK,

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