Jacqueline Sullivan's Studio Letter

The Happy New Year 2013 Edition

Jacqueline's Studio Letter

January 2013

And now let us welcome the new year full of things that have never been  ....Rainer Maria Rilke

Dear Fellow Artists & Friends,
Is it too late to wish you a happy new year ? Another year is here and that usually means resolutions. Oh, I don’t do formal, written, resolutions but I do spend some time thinking about what I would like to be different this year. Nothing brand new immediately comes to mind. I am already living my dream. My dream has always been to inspire others to be creative. I wanted to travel while I was doing that and that will happen in a big way this new year. My 2013 Teaching Calendar has the dates, locations, workshop titles and website links. I've also described this upcoming teaching year in the next section of this Studio Letter.
So, I guess the thing to do is to try to improve on how I do the teaching. I want to take better advantage of the technology that is available to me and make better slide shows for my classes. And I want to do more reading on creativity to give me the words and ideas to inspire my students on their quest to live an engaged creative life and to create MORE ART !  
There are a number of books that are on my 2013 wish list too – I’ve made a section later in the Letter for you. What is on your list of must reads for the coming year?
And, as mundane, as it sounds, I want to get more fit. A recent birthday coupled with a four day visit to the hospital has been a wake up call.  I can’t travel and do a good job teaching if I am not free of pain and full of energy. And so, I plan on spending more time in the gym! Weight loss would be a happy plus to go with this, but the plan is to just stick with a healthy, mostly organic diet. Another good side effect of exercise will be the release of endorphins which will help keep me more focused and creative.
Of course, I want more studio time. More productive studio time to be exact.  The “zone” has been an elusive place in 2012. I want to spend more time there in 2013. How to get there? Well, I think staying fit will help – more energy will help turn on the creative light bulb. Maybe a Yoga or a Thai Chi class? I also think I need to spend more time in quiet, even if it means just sitting in the studio and doing nothing but absorbing the creative energy that lives there.
And its back to Art Journaling for me! I will use my journals and sketchbooks to explore new techniques, noting the processes so that I can give you good directions on my blog, in my classes and on my videos. This note taking process has become critical as my memory fades as well as when friend/editor/publisher Chris asks “And how much medium did you add to that paint”? She seems to think that “dab” and “a bit” are not precise terms. What does she know? {note from chris: JS, it was those 7 years of post-secondary education that drummed precision, specificity and measurement into the tech side of my brain + I know there must be fellow creatives who'd like to know is that blob of paint more like a Tbs or 1/4 cup !!!}
Another thing to concentrate on is to use my own words in my calligraphic art.  I may use the words of another author to get my muse flowing but I want what goes into my work to be my own words. And I want those words to be an integral part of the painting and composition.  This is the premise of my Visual Poetry Class (which I will be presenting twice in 2013) and I think it is an important concept for contemporary calligraphers as Calligraphy makes an even bigger jump into the world of expressive art.
So, what are your ideas for being more creative?  I’d like to incorporate your thoughts on creativity for a future Studio Letter. What practices help to move you into the creative zone?  What in life keeps you out of the studio and how do you plan on dealing with those issues in 2013? Drop us an email or add a comment on my blog

 .........and so we begin.

Contact us directly via email @ to pose questions, provide critique and suggest future topics -  We welcome them all !

Instructions for various types of transfers are everywhere but have you been successful ? Join Jacqueline for a full day workshop to learn new transfer techniques and to improve your skills ! The hands-on workshop will be held at the Goldner Walsh Nursery on Saturday, Feb 16 from 9:30am - 4:30pm. See the Workshop Invitation Card for full details, registration and location information.

Studio Letter Archive
these links take you directly to past issues - please pass along to anyone in your circle whom you think might be interested. The subscribe link will add them to both Jacqueline's artist contact list and the Studio Letter subscription.
Jacqueline Sullivan's Holiday Studio Letter
Jacqueline Sullivan inaugurates her studio letter !

Jacqueline's 2013 Teaching Calendar
I have a very active teaching year in 2013 and I am really looking forward to it!  Hopefully, you will consider signing up for a workshop.  If the workshop is not in your area ~ consider traveling. It is such a boost to creativity to get away from home and be able to totally invest the time in being your best creative self ! And you meet so many great people. For most of the workshops listed, I will be traveling and we can always go out after class for dinner, maybe a glass of wine and more art talk. Even if you have had the workshop before consider taking it a second time. I am always "changing things up" and adding new material and techniques to my workshops. Full teaching calendar is posted on my blog with website links to each workshop, class or retreat for detailed course information and registration. Or see the 2013 quick list by date on my website under the workshop tab !

Jacqueline's 2013 Reading Wish List

“I read for growth, firmly believing that what you are today and what you will be in five years depends on two things: the people you meet and the books you read.” ― Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life 

Besides Twyla I will be reading.....
  • Brave Intuitive Painting: Let Go! Be Bold! Unfold! Techniques for Uncovering Your Own Painting Style - Flora Bowley
  • How Georgia Became O'Keefe: Lessons on the Art of Living  - Karen Karbo
  • Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative - Austin Kleon
  • Layered & Fused Applique Quilts: from Fabric Scraps to Recycled Circles with Jane LaFazio
  • One Zentangle A Day: A 6 Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration and Fun - Beckah Krahula
  • Women, Writing and Soul Making: Creativity and the Sacred Feminine - Peggy Tabor Millan
  • Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within - Janet Conner
  • A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: Self Expression & Spiritual Practice for Those Who Have Time for Neither - Nina Wise
What will you have on your night stand and in your studio this year to read and enjoy ?

my favorite glue....

for attaching ephemera onto paper and/or canvas is "The Ultimate" a terrific non-toxic adhesive by Crafter's Pick. It says right on the package that it is a water based super glue. And it sure is! I have glued metal pieces to canvas and tried to take them off later and the canvas actually rips! My little metal washers falling off collage cards was a problem - but no longer since I changed to this glue! The only negative to this adhesive is that it is too thick to come through the squeeze top. I unscrew the entire lid and use it with a popsicle stick. Here is my secret popsicle stick glue trick....I take an old scissors and cut one end of the stick off at an angle - giving me a "pointy" end spatula to have better control of the glue. It works great! 

twenty thirteen....

What is on this year's art horizon ? I think in 2013 we are going to see a lot more happening in the fiber arts. And I see more of the Fiber Arts moving from the craft arena into the Fine Arts area. There are so many beautiful collages being created today, and I imagine that artist's are going to keep building fabric collages but using printed fabrics that they have dyed and printed themselves. Artists are going to be exploring ways to combine this with some traditional acrylic painting techniques and adding texture to their fabric collages with acrylic textural mediums. Or maybe I just think that because that is where my interests are right now! For the last year I have been avidly watching videos, reading books and experimenting with some of this stuff. And I have a lot more things to try! Right now I am working with thickened dyes and various printing techniques.  There isn't anything I love yet, but I'm learning from my mistakes and will share when I have something that I feel good about! 


for YOU !!! What better time than closing the page on one year and opening it to another to tell you how much I appreciate you for following me and my art. To those who have purchased DVDs, for the many kind words and encouragements as we launched the Studio Letter, for my Michigan and Indiana colleagues who took time to visit & purchase at the Village Fine Art Gallery this holiday season, for those who have inquired about upcoming workshops, wrote to me about one of my mixed media techniques and clicked thru on links in my blog or the Letter to learn, explore and create ~ a heartfelt thank you !
Jacqueline Designs, Inc
A Studio Letter
January 2013
Vol. 1  #3
Written & Published By:
Jacqueline Sullivan
Chris Wachsmuth

a new year.....
a new technique

 I bought a HUGE jar of Mica Flakes at Castles in the Air when I taught in Berkeley, CA last summer. I have, for years, put Mica Flakes in gel medium to get some "sparkle" in my paintings. But I want to try working with this a little more - like putting them in some thick paint, or, I wonder what they would do in paper pulp? I also want to work at getting them to stick to tissue paper - the transparent sparkle against the transparent paper would be beautiful!  These are just ideas - I have to work out the technicalities. I will keep you posted about what happens with that jar of "flakes". 

quick look

My full 2013 workshop calendar can be found on my blog and website
but here's a quick look at my upcoming events for the next 3 months

Feb 16 - Totally Transfers, Pontiac Michigan
Feb 26 - Discovering the Magic of Acrylics - online
Mar 16 - Chicago Calligraphy Collective
Apr 9 - Needlework & Textile Guild of Michigan
Apr 18 - Artiscape Artists Gathering

Jacqueline's Video Art Workshops

Mixed Media Textural Collage - See Jacqueline's blog post [Nov 13, 2012] for complete details on the DVD's content and ordering
Acrylics, Textures, Layers, Metalics - Jacqueline's very popular class continues to be available from CCP - see Jacquelines' web page for a link to CCP for ordering and to view a preview of the video workshop
New titles in production for 2013 include Simple Metal Etching and Go for the Gesso! Complete workshop descriptions and ordering details in an upcoming issue of the Studio Letter.
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