Jacqueline Sullivan's Studio Letter
The Travel Edition
June 2013

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June 2013

Jacqueline Sullivan's Studio Letter
The Traveling Artist Edition ~ Part One
What we've packed in Part One of Jacqueline's Traveling Artist Studio Letter......
  • Jacqueline's letter on the value of going away to make art
  • packing for your traveling artist adventure
  • Jacqueline's suggestions for what to take when you travel to a workshop be it in the next city, a few states away or across the country
  • links to Jacqueline's 2013 workshop calendar and art workshop videos
and in Part Two !!
a special interview with Arlene Reiss, Fine Art Coordinator, Mendocino Art Center abut the joys of making art away from home and Jacqueline's favorite resources for the traveling artist.... all coming to you in 2 weeks !

Jacqueline can be reached for Studio Letter comments, questions and suggestions or for information on workshop booking @
Hi Friends,
SOME people ask me ~  why travel for a workshop? There are many reasons. Of course it is a way to gain access to a teacher that you have been wanting to study with for a long time but who has never come to your area to teach. But, more than that  - it is a way of being able to leave the demands of your every day life behind and immerse yourself in the creative experience. The biggest creative “jumps” that I have made have been when I have left home and gone to study with someone whose work excited me.  The first time I left home to study, my children were small and life at home was hectic with my young family. I stayed in a motel by myself, it was so quiet!! I arrived at the classroom early to get set up for the day. I stayed after class and practiced and worked. I went to dinner alone then returned to my motel room and continued to work some more. It was heavenly to be so immersed in the creative process. One of the things I lost out on in that experience was the interaction with the other artists there. And this is another reason for traveling to workshops that I think is important – the people that you meet.

DISCUSSING art and techniques over lunch and dinner is just terrific. And you will pick up almost as many hints and tips from your fellow students as you will from the instructor. Sometimes people will share photos and sketchbooks and your creative mind will just be on fire with ideas. These are new people to you with different ideas and philosophies than those whom you always see at your local guild or group events! And there are different “art movements” in different areas of the country. People will be using different colors and styles and techniques that you can pick up on.

THE EXPERIENCE of sightseeing Introduces the creative brain to a new landscape providing creative stimulation. And if the workshop is near the ocean, mountains or a scenic area, just breathing the fresh air and feeling the beautiful scenery envelop you will help to shut out the everyday chatter in your head and let the creative mind re-emerge and get busy working again.
BRINGING your spouse or significant other? Sadly, I don’t recommend bringing them along, unless they have their own activities in which to immerse themselves or would enjoy interacting with your fellow artists as well. So often, they pull you away from some vital parts of the workshop experience – the exchanging of ideas over meals or the new friendships formed over a glass of wine in the evening.
IF you haven’t traveled  to a workshop or other study opportunity, I strongly recommend that you try it.
Please consider joining me this summer in the beautiful Pacific coast town of Mendocino, in the fabulous art facility at Red Deer College near the scenic area of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada or at another of my upcoming events in some of the most delightful parts of the US and Canada.
Happy Summer !

Mendocino Coastline
Northern California
Packing for your traveling artist adventure
-  know your airlines bag and weight limits; Southwest allows 2 bags - 50 lbs each FREE but almost all other domestic airlines charge something for bags so know before you book to avoid surprises at check-in.
And remember ~ bag fees are for EACH way!
- limitations on liquids [3 oz bottles] apply to carry on ONLY - not your checked bags
- ok to travel with acrylic and water based paint NOT oil or any other supplies that are flammable
- spray cans are not allowed in your luggage
-  use zip lock plastic baggies for ALL your liquids even those in leak-proof bottles & jars
- tape the tops of all bottles and jars before packing; bring an extra roll of tape for your return trip
-  don't pack clothing and artist supplies in same luggage
- place MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on top of your paints in checked luggage – especially if you are traveling out of the country. These sheets are available from vendor's and paint company website. [see Golden and Blick's for examples]
- if you are taking more than one class or workshop pack the supplies you will need for each course in an extra large ziplock bag and label it for that class
- many events/workshop have onsite stores where you can purchase supplies and avoid shipping/luggage costs ~ but remember to plan for your return trip !
- pack a few extra qt and gal size ziplocks, extra rubber bands, binder clips, paper towels off the roll, packing tape 
Did you know.....
if you don’t want to carry all your supplies, you can ship them ahead? Most hotels have a system for receiving packages for registered guests. Call your hotel using their direct contact phone number to check on the guidelines for using this service. It is also a good idea to put your arrival date on the address label. Some hotels do charge up to $5.00/day to store your packages. Be sure to have the package tracking info with you, as hotels will  sometimes swear they do not have your packages, until you prove to them that an employee signed for it !
Jacqueline's must take list to any workshop
When I am attending a workshop, I double check that I have everything the instructor specified. In addition there are things that I always bring
that the instructor may not put on their list but
which I almost always find a need.
Here is my list of that “must take stuff”.
  1. Paper Towels - off the roll
  2. Additional paint brushes
  3. Scissors
  4. X-acto knife
  5. Metal ruler
  6. Water container for rinsing brushes
  7. Travel size hair dryer
  8. Notebook or sketchbook for taking notes
  9. Pen for note taking - Pencil for sketching
  10. Paper knife or bone folder for tearing down paper
In addition, I always carry a few things with me that are my favorites, in case there is an opportunity to “get creative” ....
  1. extra paper or canvas (whichever is the main focus for workshop)
  2. a few bits of painted tissue for collage
  3. some small bits of paste paper or other decorative papers
  4. Japanese lace paper
  5. Gloss Polymer medium (for gluing collage papers)
  6. Small container Tacky glue
  7. Doo – dads – washers, beads, charms, buttons and other things I like to work with – I just keep a small medicine container of these things in my box.
  8. Metallic Threads
Next Studio Letter --- what I use as my travel art bag

Jacqueline's current 2013 workshop schedule
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Jacqueline's Video Art Workshops

Simple Metal Etching -  introducing Jacqueline's just published DVD teaching you 3 different methods for creating a resist on copper and brass. DVD is $20 and includes S+H for US addresses. International addresses quoted by country. Please purchase via PayPal - instructions here

Mixed Media Textural Collage - See Jacqueline's blog post [Nov 13, 2012] for complete details on the DVD's content and ordering. $20 includes S+H for US addresses.
International addresses quoted by country. Please purchase via PayPal - instructions here

Acrylics, Textures, Layers, Metalics -Jacqueline's very popular class continues to be available from CCP - see Jacqueline's web page for a link to CCP for ordering and to view a preview of the video workshop

Coming this summer......Go For The Gesso - a 1 hour long workshop providing instruction in a variety of gesso techniques

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A Studio Letter  June 2013
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