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Snore Centre eNewsletter December 2021

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers from everyone at the Sleeping Disorders Centre. Wishing you all many good nights sleep in 2022!

Video: Dom Joly tests some new sleep apnoea devices for the BBC

Comedian and famous sleep apnoea sufferer Dom Joly uses a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to help improve his breathing while sleeping. He also has a portable version for when he is travelling, but could other devices also help? He tests some the latest tech for BBC Click to find out.


More evidence that larks are happier than owls

In this latest study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, researhcers explored the mediational role of general social support and its facets (family, friends, and significant other) in the relationship between morningness–eveningness and subjective well-being.

The present study was conducted with a sample of 1,067 adults (51% women), with a mean (SD, range) age of 36.41 (9.95, 18–55) years. The results corroborated earlier findings that morningness was positively associated with both subjective well-being and social support. Controlling for age and gender, we obtained significant mediation effects, showing that the association between morningness–eveningness and subjective well-being might stem, at least in part, from the higher levels of social support received by morning-oriented individuals. This may lead to the conclusion that social support is an important antecedent of the greater well-being reported by morning-oriented individuals.

The Guardian also ran a piece on this in their Pass Notes section.

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Check out the redesigned Sleeping Disorders Centre website 

Sleeping Disorders Centre moves to online clinics

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 attending hospitals and clinics in person has been difficult and potentially involves the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus. Therefore, the Sleeping Disorders Centre's services are now available  online for both NHS and private patients.

We are able to deliver the same high quality service either via telephone or online, organising all aspects of care remotely: including sleep studies, diagnosis, CPAP fitting, delivery, maintenance and long-term care.

This means that people suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea and other sleep-related and ENT conditions are still able to access first class care from Mr. Oko, Professor Dhillon and the rest of our clinical team. Our mission to raise awareness of the suffering caused by sleep apnoea, and enable those affected to live normal lives through fast diagnosis and effective treatment, is still continuing depite the challenges of the pandemic.

The Sleeping Disorders Centre's private clinic has moved from Harley Street to The London Digestive Centre, in partnership with HCA Healthcare. All appointments with Mr. Oko are taking place by phone or online, and in person appointments continuing with Prof. Dhillon.

Contact details

Private patients
The London Digestive Centre
41 Welbeck Street
Telephone: 020 3797 7248



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