Fall Conference Registration now open, nominations for VAEYC Board, Public Policy survey and more inside!

VAEYC Fall Conference 2013
October 17 - 19, 2013 Killington

Registration now open!
To see the brochure and access the online registration, please click HERE

Conference Brochure

The conference brochure is now available! Get the latest information on available workshops, fun VAEYC events, and details on travel and lodging. Read about the offerings of our amazing keynote presenters, Luis Hernandez, Daniel Habib and Jeff Johnson.

Online Registration

Online registration is NOW OPEN for the annual conference in Killington! Enrolling online saves time, reduces paperwork and ensures you're immediately enrolled in workshops. You can also save a $10 processing fee by registering online. Please register at by Friday, October 11th, 2013

Making Your Conference More Affordable

The cost to ensure high quality workshops and opportunities at the VAEYC conference translates to a conference cost than can have an effect on member's wallets. To help offset this out of pocket cost, VAEYC works to establish and identify ways that attendees can make their conference more affordable.

Early Bird Registration
The best rates for conference registration are available during Early Bird Registration from now until September 20, 2012. Registering during this period will save you money and ensure you have access to space in workshops and events.

VAEYC Membership
VAEYC and NAEYC members are automatically given a discount on conference registration! Although there is a cost to membership, its quickly paid back with member discounts on conferences and books. The conference membership discount is:
1 day - $50
2 day - $100
3 day - $150

Fall Conference Sponsorships

VAEYC is able to provide $50 scholarships to individuals for the 2013 Fall Conference through the Chuck Bayles Scholarship Fund in an effort to make registration fees more affordable. Priority for scholarship awards will be given to VAEYC members and to those demonstrating the greatest need (either financial, or a professional development need related to an unmet Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) goal/objective that the conference can help to meet).To receive the scholarship discount, you must have an approved scholarship request PRIOR to registering for the conference.

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Attack of the Snoterpillars
by Jeff Johnson
VAEYC 2013 Conference: Saturday keynote

     The work of being a child care provider can feel effortless; drifting along with the ebb and flow of the children’s wants and needs, things just kind of work. I sense from across the room that two-year-olds Noah and Kia are ready for a fresh activity, so I suggest that if they pick up the connecting beads, I will get out the paper and markers so they can do some writing. Then the tone of five-month-old Marygrace’s babbling tells me that she is ready for a nap; her once happy “da, da, da’s” have taken on a harsher quality and I can see stress building in her bright blue eyes. By the time I have her swaddled, her eyelids are heavy with sleep. Almost-three-year-old Ty struts over with a book and commands, “Read it!”, and I do...over and over again.
     At times caregiving can be easy, or at least look that way. The reality is that child care is challenging even when things look like they are going smooth. It is also true that every provider has at least one thing that stresses them out or makes the job more difficult. For me, it’s snoterpillars. We were enjoying a morning snack of homemade banana bread--still warm from the oven--and milk. Things are going along fine until one-year-old Sam sneezed. I looked just in time to see them appear: two big, thick, green snoterpillars stretching from his nose to his upper lip. They gazed at me across the table, quaking as Sam gnawed away at a hunk of banana bread. He was oblivious to their existence, as were the rest of the kids. 
     I rushed for a tissue as I heard him cough. Most of the time he coughs with his mouth wide open, so I expected to turn around and see banana bread spraying out of his face. What I saw was much worse. He had coughed with his mouth closed, which meant air was expelled from his nose. This meant the two snoterpillars had ballooned into giant, glistening, translucent snot bubbles which were covered in banana bread crumbs from around his mouth.   <READ MORE> 

VAEYC Leadership Opportunities

Leadership with VAEYC is a great way to get involved and help shape the future of early childhood education. Your experience in the field and working as leaders is invaluable, and you can continue to use this knowledge to serve your community, yourself and your peers in the field.

We are currently seeking nominations for the positions on the Governing Board. We are accepting nominations for the following positions:
President Elect

Please visit (link for position info) for more information regarding the positions and Board.

Nominations will be accepted through 
September 20, 2013. To be considered in this process, individuals must submit a statement of interest or current resume with included cover letter. This letter should reflect the individual's professional expertise, leadership in the profession and leadership in the community. Members are welcome to self-nominate and/or encourage other members to submit a statement of interest.

The nominating committee will review nominations in September; the slate will be selected and presented to the membership in early October. The vote will happen at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on the morning of October 18th in Killington.
Letters of interest and requests for more information can be submitted to:

Public Policy Survey

VAEYC is conducting a survey of its membership regarding policy agenda for the 2014 legislative session.  We are very interested in hearing from you about what you feel are important issues that should be focused on this upcoming session. CLICK HERE This information will be used by VAEYC to be able represent its members views as we set VAEYC policy priorities, engage in the VT early childhood Alliance legislative agenda setting process and as we advocate on behalf of our members throughout the session. 

VAEYC's membership is its greatest strength and is key in assisting the board to make informed decisions about where to focus our efforts.  It is essential that we  here from all of you as members to be sure that we accurately reflect your top views.  We are asking that you complete this short survey by Wednesday, August 28th.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

Below are links to resources that provide background information on some of the issues that rose to the top last year, and will likely continue this year. (Please click on the titles to access the information):

VAEYC Awards

Pay It Forward Awards
The "Pay It Forward" Awards given by VAEYC next year are about to be "paid" for the first time! 2012 award recipients have already been instructed in considering recipients for the new year. The awards will be given out during welcoming announcements on the morning of October 18th.

2012 Award winners were:

Magnificent Mentor
Early child hood professional or friend of the early childhood field who actively mentors new members in the field of early care and education OR an individual who mentors other professionals in the field to improve quality of care and education.

Amazing Advocate
Early child hood professional or friend of the early childhood field who promotes an awareness of Early Childhood beyond the members of the profession, OR actively advocates for the well being of children in Vermont.

Valiant Volunteer
Early child hood professional or friend of the early childhood field who exemplifies a dedication to volunteerism on behalf on young children or early educators.

VAEYC Visionary
Early child hood professional or friend of the early childhood field who bring creativity and innovation to early care and education in Vermont.

Quality Champion
Early childhood professional or friend of the early childhood field who has actively worked to promote quality care and education for children in Vermont.

VAEYC Spirit
Early childhood professional or friend of the early childhood field who actively lives VAEYC's mission.
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