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Happy Valentine's Day

February/March 2018 Newsletter

Ahhhh... Love is in the air! Valentine's day is one of my favorites. I really go all out for my daughters and now my granddaughter, too. It's so fun to deliver special Valentines to the girls' work and see them light up knowing their mom loves them. My granddaughter is a different story. I sneak into the house with a balloon and cupcakes for a special surprise when she gets home.

Valentine's Day is all about the love. I would like to thank those of you with all my heart who answered my call for donations. Those donations were really what saved I Love and Appreciate YOU!

Show Schedule

Again, always check the site to be sure your favorite event is listed. If not, let me know and I will look into it.

Free/Mini Listings are not listed here.
Click <HERE> for a complete listing.

  Jan 27 (Sat) ~ Glendale CA
 Jan 27 (Sat) ~ Lake Worth, FL
  Jan 27 (Sat) ~ Clackamas OR
  Jan 28 (Sun) ~ Naperville IL

 Feb 3 (Sat) ~ Leesburg FL
  Feb 3 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
  Feb 4 (Sun) ~ Santa Ana CA
 Feb 10 (Sat) ~ Fort Myers FL
 Feb 10 (Sat) ~ Schertz TX
 Feb 11 (Sun) ~ Bellevue WA
  Feb 17 (Sat) ~ Largo FL
  Feb 24 (Sat) ~ Roseville CA
 Feb 25 (Sun) ~ Strongsville OH

  Mar 3 (Sat) ~ Santa Barbara CA
  Mar 3 (Sat) ~ Cocoa FL
  Mar 3 (Sat) ~ Punta Gorda FL
  Mar 3 (Sat) ~ Fletcher-Ashville NC
  Mar 3 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ

 Mar 10 (Sat) ~ Escondido CA
  Mar 10 (Sat) ~ Lakeland FL
 Mar 10 (Sat) ~ El Paso TX
  Mar 11 (Sun) ~ Dewitt MI

 Mar 17 (Sat) ~ Venice FL
  Mar 17-18 (Sat-Sun) ~ Puyallup WA
  Mar 23-24 (Fri-Sat) ~ Kansas City MO
 Mar 24 (Sat) ~ Timonium MD
 Mar 24 (Sat) ~ Jonesborough TN
 Mar 24 (Sat) ~ Madison WI
  Mar 25 (Sun) ~ Fort Wayne IN

The Power of Facebook

I cannot empathize this enough. If you do not have a presence on Facebook for your event, you are missing out on one of today's best form of advertising. I know, I know. Many people don't like Facebook and some down right hate it. But it is important! Even more so than email. 

Don't get me wrong. It takes some work! But compared to other forms of advertising such as online calendar submissions (very time consuming) or printed advertising (extremely expensive), it is well worth it. Once your page is set up, it only takes a few minutes 2 -3 times a week to keep it updated.

I am happy to consult with anyone to help you get this going. Fees are quoted on a case by case basis depending on what tasks you wish to complete on your own (with step-by-step instructions) and which you wish me to complete for you. 

Let me help you to continue to grow your event and keep doll shows alive! Email me at today to get this going.

Still getting request for an online selling venue so I thought, "Lets try this again"! Classified Ad site has been updated to be even more simple than before. Classifieds Ads are free (up to 5) until March 31st by special invitation only (below) and will run until sold or you tell me to take it off. All I can do is unlock the door, it's up to you to open it up and walk in. 

The Magic of Automatons

Posted January 10, 2018 in Dolls

by Ruby Lane

The news was recently abuzz with an incredible story; Saudi Arabia made an android, or robot, a citizen.   Ever since a 1797 brochure called Mr. Haddock’s Andorides was published about an exhibition of automatons, the fascination with this fusion of doll and machinery has never stopped.  There are all kinds of horror films and novels…  Read more »
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