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Roses are Red!

August 2016 Newsletter

Roses are one of my favorite flowers. I can't seem to grow them well here in the Old Pueblo, though. No matter what I do, most everything except for succulents gets bugs in my yard. Oh well! Makes for less time for the yard and more time for playing with dollies!

So, what a hectic but wonderful time we have had over the last few weeks. With the festivities in Washington DC, and our first Online Show & Sale, I have been busy to say the least. I wasn't able to go to DC but I did so enjoy the video interviews that Rachel Hoffman with Ruby Lane posted on FaceBook. Seems someone noticed our site at Ruby Lane and they posted our August events linking back to the site for details in their Monthly Newsletter that went out to 80,000. Wow! How surprised was I? Seems they are open to more collaborations. I will keep you posted.


It was recently brought to my attention that my sites were not very mobile friendly. Well, I don't know about that but it did call for some modifications to be made. Although I simply cannot take on the enormous task of completely revamping and upgrading, so I have been working on the sites (my umbrella for the doll related websites that I develope and maintain) over the last 3 weeks. was the first to be completed. Another site had combined our lists and was hosting it for a while but they have since gone away as of June 30th this year. It took some searching and checking and rechecking but I believe it is pretty accurate now. & was next. Although it has a corresponding Facebook page, I wanted to expand it some and make it not only as a site to visit when looking to sell dolls but as a directory for auction/dealers businesses, brick & mortar shops & hospitals. (a site that has been sitting in limbo for a while) has now been added to to make it complete.


If you have any kind of doll related shop or are a doll dealer/doctor or other professional and would like to be included in the directory currently in place, simply visit the site for details.

Site *NEWS*

Due to circumstance (well you know) and after very careful consideration, Policy & Fee changes were made, most of which to the Free Listing Policy. Please review carefully before submitting your event.

Soap Box

It has always been my intention with this site to promote doll shows, businesses and clubs to further the industry any way I can. Over the last few years, many events have "given up" and stopped doing the shows and events that have been around for years and years. This saddens me. I know its hard and you are tired, but the fact is, with just a little bit of effort, things can be turned around. My site has all the information readily available 24/7 to make a difference. There are some who say they are old and don't know anything about email or computers, etc. For each that don't know, there is someone who does whether it be a friend or family member. Everyone knows someone. But, things do need to be put in place without prejudice.

What I'm asking is that everyone make it a point to be more proactive this season. Go to an event, offer to help with emails or Facebook. It's all here, you just have to look. It really doesn't take much time considering the benefits it brings to all of us. And, if you get stuck, I'm always there and happy to help.

Granite Creek/Bayberry's Dolls - RUBY LANE DOLLS Shop

American Character Dolls 1919-1968
The American Character company used the trade names Aceedeecee and ACDC, they made dolls of composition and later hard plastic and vinyl. Also later (1961) the name American Doll & Toy Company was sometimes used.

American Character dolls were well made and had good quality costumes. American Character went out of business in 1968, doll molds were sold to Ideal; Tiny Tears, Tressy and the grow hair feature was used in Ideal's Crissy & family dolls.

"Toni," released in 1958, was a fashion doll for Toni hair products, sold by Gillette. Toni, also marketed as "Cha Cha" or "High Society," was popular into the 1960s.

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