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Summer Dollie

June 2016 Newsletter

Here in Tucson, Summer finally arrived with a vengeance. We were getting so spoiled thinking that the mild weather would last just a little bit longer even though it was already getting pretty late and BAM! 100 on Thursday and hotter everyday since.

But I'm not letting the weather fool me into the lazy days of summer and neither should you. There are still several fun events happening throughout the summer. Here is what is in store for you this summer....

Coming Events

World Doll Day is this Saturday. Check out the site for details. How will you celebrate?

Washington DC events start at the end of July with the National Doll Festival. Although I won't be able to attend this year ~  I'm here to announce the one, the only, first ever, Doll Show USA Online Show & Sale! (Yeah! Applause!)

So, the thought behind this is that there are many vendor/sellers that cannot always get to the big yearly events to sell and there are many buyers/collectors who cannot attend. This gives everyone a chance to participate even if you cannot be there in person.

The way it works is very simple. To start, you must have website "shop" set up. Ruby Lane, Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, Blujay, etc. or your own website. (For information on how to set up a shop, visit and click "online selling guide".) You pay a fee ($44) to have a link from the "Show" page to your online shop.
All I need is the URL of your "shop" and a nice, clear photo to use as a Logo/Icon for the link. Simple!

This show is open to all Doll, Teddy Bear/Critter and Miniature related Sellers/Vendors. Show starts with an early bird on Monday, July 25th, 2016 at 4:00 PM EST and will end on Saturday, July 30th, 2016 at 4:00 PM EST so you may want to be somewhat available during the event.

To apply, visit and click on the "Online Show" link under the heading on the main page. 

Proposed Event

Part of the mission of this site/organization is to work together to encourage and assist in the promotion of all events thus helping this industry to thrive. I do work with many promoters to lend my assistance without prejudice to accomplish this mission. That being said, Dorothy Drake has asked that I relay this exciting information.

Jones Publishing and Dorothy Drake are partnering to bring back the "Doll & Teddy Bear Expo" in 2018. Many of you may have already received an email from either Jones or Dorothy that contains a link to a survey. If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes and Take the Survey to give your thoughts about what would make this the best Expo ever!

Buying Tips ~ What is "Composition"?

Composition Dolls were made of sawdust mixed with a staying agent like starch or sugar water and placed in a mold until hardened. The two halves were then sealed together with glue. Spackle was used on the seams to "smooth" out the cracks. The parts were then dipped in paint, sometimes in a base coat first and sometimes several times.  After they dried, the features were hand painted. This media is probably one of the most unstable media there is. Wood contracts and expands with the climate and the paint can only lasts so long. Consequently, depending on the environment of the doll, the condition can deteriorate rather quickly. Something else to keep in mind is that the paint used probably contained lead which only exasperates the deterioration process not to mention the poisonous factor.

Is it REALLY Composition? ~ Not knowing what Composition is, many sellers say a doll is composition when it is not. Some even say it is "composite" although I have never been able to figure out what that is. If in doubt, look at the face paint. Usually, the plastic faces have a more "perfect" look. The eyebrows are more similar and are "raised". 

Composition Condition? ~ Light crazing, deep crazing, peeling, basket case. Best to see an up close and personal picture. Composition dollies with cut out eyes usually crack on the outside corners of the eyes. Don't forget to look for the development of bubbles on the inside corners of the eyes by the bridge of the nose, around the  nostrils, and sometimes around the mouth. The seams tend to crack and peel because of the Spackle underneath.

For more Tips on Buying Dolls ~ Online and Off! Visit "Buying Tips" Featured Doll

I love the 8" dolls from the 1950's. Ginny is one of my favorites. The hard-plastic, vintage Ginny dolls from the late 1940s through the 1950s were also a favorite dolls of little girls, and today they are still a sought-after collectible. Ginny was created by the founder of the Vogue Doll Company, Jennie H. Graves in 1948, as an 8" hard plastic play doll.

One of the novel things about the Ginny doll was that the clothing was available separately from the doll. The original Vogue dolls retailed for only $1.98, ready to dress in underwear and shoes, and outfits retailed from $1.00 to $2.98. Mrs. Graves designed most of the clothing, and the wonderful detailed outfits.

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Event Coordinator NEWS

Summer Listing Special ~ Upgrade to a Deluxe Listing and receive a Banner for only $10. Upgrade options are listed on the "Special and Services" page. Deluxe Listing now included on the Facebook Events page and Banners bring attention to your listings not to mention your banner will also be posted on the first page of the site one - two weeks before your event.

Kind Reminder: Please double check that your listing is posted and that everything is correct. I had a couple of people email me recently stating something was wrong with their listings at the very last minute. They did luck out that I was available to make the changes right away but that may not always be the case. Best to check right away when you receive conformation that the listing is posted and/or have a friend also check it. I am, as they say, only human.

Also, I have always offered free listings since the beginning of this site hoping that donations would cover the cost. Well, that's not working out so well. It is important to know that free listings take approximately 15-20 minutes to post for you and without donations to cover the costs, there will come a time soon that I will no longer be able to offer free services. Please consider always upgrading to at least a basic listing. Your consideration is appreciated.

Until next time, see you at the doll show!
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