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Back to School

September 2016 Newsletter

Back to School! I can't say that I miss the stress of school clothes & supplies shopping as my girls are adults now but I do remember that sigh of relief once the kids are back and on a schedule. I always enjoyed school when I was younger and I had fun with my girls when they were school age. I always tried to keep them busy with outside activities like Camp Fire Girls (before they added boys in the mix), going to the fall carnivals, music concerts and plays. I know the girls would tell a different story but I can still love my more optimistic memories of the past... 

Okay. That's enough daydreaming. Back to work.  ;)

Site *NEWS*

As I stated in the last newsletter I am still spending quite a bit of time making re-visions and final tweeks to I have added a box on the first page for those who have made a donations to You can visit the donation page for more information. Also, supporters, promoters, & organizations who have paid over $250 in combined ad/services fees and/or donations or have contributed in other ways that I feel is equivalent within the year are now added in the sponsor menu under the heading on the main page.

Featured Events (Deluxe Listings) Icons may be chosen to be listed on the main page just above the Calendar section.  The event, date and a bookmarked link to the appropriate state page. Chances for inclusion are better if you have sent me a graphic for the Facebook Banner. Listing Banners have preference. Questions? Just email me.

Spread the Word!

Get excited about doll events again. You have heard it before, word of mouth is the best form of advertising! It just takes a little effort to spread the word. Email announcements about an upcoming event to your friends and family. Pass out flyers for a show in your area. All you have to do is carry a few with you everywhere you go and just leave them. Work, Doctors office, Church, School. You never know who may be doll, bear, miniature or toy/train enthusiasts.

Are you on Facebook? Search for a Facebook page or event and let them know you are going to attend. If
pictures are taken at the event to post on Facebook, let me know and I will add you as a moderator for the & DollClub Facebook pages so you can share there too. I don't always see everything there is to share so having someone to just put in a couple of extra clicks is enormous. 

Up Coming Events

Free Listings have been omitted from this list.  
Click <HERE>
for a complete listing.
Sep 17 (Sat) ~ Willoughby OH
Sep 17 (Sat) ~ Online
Sep 18 (Sun) ~ Covington KY
Sep 18 (Sun) ~ Milwaukee WI
Sep 23-24 (Wed-Sun) ~ Atlanta GA
Sep 24 (Sat) ~ Fletcher NC
Sep 24 (Sat) ~ Florence SC

Oct 1 (Sat) ~ Phoenix AZ
Oct 1 (Sat) ~ Morganton NC
Oct 2 (Sun) ~ Sturbridge MA
Oct 2 (Sun) ~ DeWitt MI
Oct 2 (Sun) ~ Medina MN
Oct 8 (Sat) ~ Pasadena CA
Oct 8 (Sat) ~ Pleasanton CA
Oct 8 (Sat) ~ Salisbury NC
Oct 8 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
Oct 8 (Sat) ~ Las Cruces NM
Oct 9 (Sun) ~ Toledo OH
Oct 9 (Sun) ~ Lebanon PA

Email is the best "mail"

With the changes in the internet and email distribution, it is important to know that it's no longer easy to send out email campaigns from your email account. In fact, many times a simple group email can cause your email account to be deactivated. Many of us with large email lists have been struggling with this for years and now have gone with an online service of some sort to reduce these challenges. I have found that many event coordinators neither have the knowledge nor the inclination to undertake this important and integral part of promoting their events. Therefore, I have now worked out a service to assist with this task that I feel is fair and efficient.

It is my sincere intent in offering this service to assist events through a more efficient email process. Please be aware, my email lists are only used for Doll (Teddy Bear, Miniature, Toy/Train) Event or Business purposes.

In this day and age, I have found that most sellers and attendees prefer receiving notices by email, they just don't want to get a bunch of spam. The idea is for the emails to all come at once and from one safe place thus avoiding that appearance. The added bonus, of course, is that it not only saves a ton on postage but time, energy and printing costs. 
The way it works is this. Your email list is entered on a separate Mail Chimp list (online email managing site). I then add what I have for your area. In the email, it states that the email comes on behalf of your event and this is a new service to help with email notifications. I also state that should the receiver want to sign up for future notices/newsletters from, they would need to subscribe to that list separately.

For more details or to sign up for this service, <CLICK HERE>


Doll Re-Visions

Also finishing up and tweeking family members with special emphases on & DSO lists not only brick & mortar shops & hospitals, but also has a separate page for Auction Services & Dealer & Valuation Services. If you would like to be listed, visit either site for details. In addition, be looking for an announcement for exciting new features and services in the upcoming weeks. 

Take a moment and look at for me and let me know if I'm missing any. Many times, business have small displays of dolls as well as those for sale. You can list those on the site as well by emailing me directly.

The Dollie ~ All About Boudoir Bed Dolls

oudoir, Bed, Flapper, Smoker, Sofa, Salon, Parlor Dolls! All terms used to describe the ornate dolls with long limbs popular from the 1910’s well into the 1940’s. The dolls were made throughout Europe and America which encompass large amount of variations and styles. As "adult" dolls and not meant to be played with by small children, they were displayed on sofas, chairs and beds in boudoirs, salons and parlors as decor of the times.

here are stories of the dolls as status symbols. Many popular actress of the time are shown with dolls in photographs and they can also be found hiding in some older movies of the 1930's - 1940's. Lobby dolls were sold in the lobbies of hotels for traveling salesmen to purchase as a gift to their wife or daughter when they returned home. They were given as gifts by wealthy suitors to eligible young ladies and then dressed to match the attire of the young ladies when carried as escorts for "protection" on their social engagements. Later, using leftover remnants, they were dressed in a wedding gown to match that of the bride.

here really is so much more to these "misunderstood" dollies that can be describe in just a few paragraphs. For more information, visit &
 Special Thanks 
(those underlined link to website)
 Sweetbriar Auctions - Dorothy Hunt,  Earleville, MD
 Sunflower Suzie's Doll Restoration - Donna Daman, Scottsdale, AZ
 Southeastern Doll Shows - Jackie Stone, Asheville NC
 Ann's Angels, Ann Pelton, Tucson AZ

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