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First Day of School
Late Summer Newsletter 2018

While looking for a picture for this newletter, I came upon several pictures with children holding some type of decorated cone. After a little bit of research, I found out that they are called a "Schultüte".

A Schultüte (or school cone), is a large cone-shaped container made of paper or cardboard or plastic. When children in Germany and other German speaking areas, set off for their first day of school upon entering first grade, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a large cardboard cone, attractively decorated and filled with toys, chocolate, candies/sweets, school supplies, and various other special treats. The cone is given to children to make this anxiously awaited first day of school a little sweeter.

The tradition started some time around 1810. You can read more about it <HERE>

What is also interesting is that the word "kindergarten" is also German in origin. My granddaughter starts kindergarten next week. Much more exciting for all of us then I thought it would be. It's a good thing she loves school!

Special Thanks
to those of you who came and visited me at the National Doll Festival. It was so nice to put faces to names. It was a lot of fun and I hope everyone found the treasure of your dreams.
Much More than the Place to go to find a show!

It is amazing to me after all the years the site has been around, how many people still have not heard of it especially since it is so much more than simply listing events. The "Event Guide" has helpful hints to help both first time as well as seasoned promoters. On the "Links" page there is a list of publications and free online calendar sites to post events. Sellers also benefits with "Seller Guide" that provides information for selling at selling events and online. All this information in one place!

Whether you are a promoter, seller or enthusiast, when it comes to Doll Events, truly is a one stop internet destination!

Showcase Featured Event
Saturday, August 11th, 2018
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Show Schedule

The fall season really is just right around the corner!
Please check the site to be sure your favorite event is listed. If not, let me know and I will look into it. It's never too early to post your events. People do plan vacations and other trips surrounding our events so the sooner the better.

Free/Mini Listings are not listed here. Click <HERE> for a complete listing.

 Jul 28 (Sat) ~ Junction City OR
  Aug 4 (Sat) ~ Nashua NH
 Aug 11 (Sat) ~ Huntsville AL
  Aug 11 (Sat) ~ Clackamas OR
 Aug 12 (Sun) ~ Buena Park CA
  Aug 12 (Sun) ~ Hasbrouck Hts. NJ
 Aug 18 (Sat) ~ Schertz TX
 Aug 19 (Sun) ~ Strongsville OH
  Aug 26 (Sun) ~ Dedham MA
 Aug 26 (Sun) ~ North Mankato MN
 Aug 26 (Sun) ~ Bellevue WA

 Sep 1-2 (Sat-Sun) ~ Wichita KS
  Sep 1 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
  Sep 2 (Sun) ~ Fort Wayne IN
  Sep 8 (Sat) ~ La Mesa CA *NEW LOCATION* 
 Sep 8 (Sat) ~ 
Alexander NY
  Sep 8 (Sat) ~ West Chester (Cincinnati) OH
  Sep 8 (Sat) ~ Knoxville TN
  Sep 9 (Sun) ~ Maquoketa IA

  Sep 15 (Sat) ~ Burbank CA
  Sep 15 (Sat) ~ Roseville CA
  Sep 15 (Sat) ~ Grand Forks ND
 Sep 15 (Sat) ~ Las Cruces NM
  Sep 15 (Sat) ~ Memphis TN
 Sep 22 (Sat) ~ Spokane WA
  Sep 23 (Sun) ~ St. Charles IL
 Sep 23 (Sun) ~ Flint MI
  Sep 23 (Sun) ~ Nashua NH
 Sep 23 (Sun) ~ Chagrin Falls  OH
 Sep 28-29 (Fri-Sat) ~ Billings MT
 Sep 29 (Sat) ~ Farmington CT
  Sep 29 (Sat) ~ Wichita KS
 Sep 29 (Sat) ~ Fletcher NC
 Sep 29 (Sat) ~ Florence SC

Oh Mama! | Composition Mama and Other Talking Dolls

Posted March 21, 2017 in Dolls
by Ruby Lane

Early versions of statues that communicated included ancient Egyptian figures, gigantic in proportions that “spoke” through hidden tubes that allowed the wind to pass through them and make sounds. Centuries later, talking dolls began to have their say, then dolls that cried for their mothers.

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