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Happy Halloween!

October 2016 Newsletter

Autumn ~ One of my favorite times of year. Although we don't have a lot of "autumn colors" here in Arizona, October is my birthday month and as the story goes, my mom said she will always remember her hospital stay when she had me with all the colors of the trees in Cleveland where I was born. Besides that, we are usually blessed with the best weather during October making for a pleasurable busy time of year with outdoor activities including taking my granddaughter out for trick or treat.

Site *NEWS*
Updates and revisions have been completed so I think we are good for awhile. Won't you take a moment to visit the "Submit Event" page and carefully read and review the changes now in place. Most important is the changes to the Free Listing policy. 

Just above the Calendar Section on the first page of the site are Featured Events (Deluxe Listings) with the date and a bookmarked link to the appropriate state page. I am also sending out a separate email around the 20th of the month to reaffirm the upcoming events for the following month.

New Add On-Option Services Now Available for Deluxe Listings ~ 
Banner ~ Banners Highlight your event on the your state's page.

PDF DocumentsTable Contracts, Registration forms, Flyers and/or Posters
are uploaded to the site for easy printing 24/7. PDF Documents may also be emailed to save a ton on postage, time, energy and printing costs.
Email Campaigns ~ Email Event Reminders. Again,additional savings.
For more details or to sign up, <

Holiday Doll, Bear & Miniature
Online Show & Sale
Fri., Nov. 25th, 2016 - 8:00 AM (AZ MT) -
Mon., Nov. 28th, 2016 - 8:00 PM (AZ MT)

CLICK HERE> for details or to sign up.

Up Coming Events

Free Listings have been omitted from this list.  
Click <HERE>
for a complete listing.

Oct 22-23 (Sat-Sun) ~ Puyallup WA
Oct 23(Sun) ~ Binghamton NY
Oct 23(Sun) ~ Binghamton NY
Oct 29-30 (Sat-Sun) ~ Baton Rouge LA
Oct 29-Jan 28 (Sat-Sun) ~ Online
Oct 30 (Sun) ~ Southbury CT
Nov 5 (Sat) ~ San Jose CA
Nov 5 (Sat) ~ Largo FL
Nov 5 (Sat) ~ Albuquerque NM
Nov 5 (Sat) ~ Batavia NY
Nov 6 (Sun) ~ Santa Rosa  CA
Nov 6 (Sun) ~ Madison Hts MI
Nov 6 (Sun) ~ Mounds View MN
Nov 6 (Sun) ~ St. Charles MO
Nov 6 (Sun) ~ Portsmouth NH
Nov 12 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
Nov 13 (Sun) ~ Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Nov 13 (Sun) ~ Bellevue WA
Nov 18-20 (Fri-Sun) ~ Atlanta GA
Nov 19 (Sat) ~ Holland MI
Nov 25-28 (Fri-Mon) ~ Online

Doll Happenings is specifically developed to not only assist you in identifying, evaluating and/or selling your dolls but also act as a destination that can be referred to when inquiries arise.

Many doll enthusiasts, clubs, antique shops, etc. are approached daily asking for this information. Details have simply been complied here in one place for your convenience.

There are guides for selling your items both online & off and includes a directory of dealer and valuation services. 

Purchasing Composition Dolls ~ Online & in the Wild

Composition Dolls were made of sawdust mixed with a staying agent like starch or sugar water and placed in a mold until hardened. The two halves were then sealed together with glue. Spackle was used on the sides of the heads to "smooth" out the cracks. The parts were then dipped in paint, sometimes in a base coat first and sometimes several times.  After they dried, the features were hand painted. This media is probably one of the most unstable media there is. Wood contracts and expands with the climate and the paint can only lasts so long. Consequently, depending on the environment of the doll, the condition can deteriorate rather quickly.

Is it REALLY Composition?
Not knowing what Composition is, many sellers say a doll is composition when it is not. Some even say it is "composite" although I have never been able to figure out what that is. If in doubt, look at the face paint. Usually, the plastic faces have a more "perfect" look. The eyebrows are more similar and are "raised".

Light crazing, deep crazing, pealing, basket case. Best to see the doll up close and personal. Be sure to check for the development of bubbles on the inside corners of the eyes by the bridge of the nose, around the nostrils, and sometimes around the mouth. The seams of the head/neck sometimes tend to crack and peel because of the spackling underneath. 

Purchasing Online - Pictures
Ask to see the doll naked. Dolls are sometimes put together with incorrect parts which are hidden under clothing. Good clear close pictures showing the face, hands and feet are the key to a good purchase. 

I sincerely hope this information is of some assistance to those of you out there who are crazy about composition dolls. 

 Special Thanks 
 Ruby Lane Dolls - Rachel Hoffman
For including our Featured and Detailed Event is their Newsletter

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