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March is Kite Month.... Let's go fly a kite!
March 2019

I always thought of March as kite month. When we were young, my sisters and I always looked forward to March for that very reason, My dad would break out the old kites, pick up a few more, extra string and on the first non-cloudy day, we would be out at the park, running around with the kites behind us hoping that special breeze would come along and pick the kite up and send it sailing into the heavens. Sometimes we would get them up so high, we could barely see them. I am looking forward to taking my granddaughter out this year to continue the tradition. 

So, after the February we have had, I'm sure you will all agree that March is a welcome relief! To think that we actually had snow here in Tucson. Not just fake out snow, but full on fluffy flakes for most of the day completely covering the mountains just north of my home. Wow, what a site to behold. It was such a treat.

The doll event season is in full swing. We have a lot of events scheduled with March being the busiest month so far this year. May you find the treasure of your dreams at one of them.
Much More than the Place to go to find a show!

It is amazing to me after all the years the site has been around, how many people still have not heard of it. Especially since it is so much more than an event calendar. The "Event Guide" has helpful hints to help both first time as well as seasoned promoters. On the "Links" page there is a list of publications and free online calendar sites to post events. Sellers also benefits with "Seller Guide" that provides information for selling at events and online. All this information in one place!

Whether you are a promoter, seller or enthusiast, when it comes to Doll Events, truly is a one stop internet destination!

Showcase Featured Event
Mt. Juliet (Nashville), TN
Saturday, April 27th, 2019
Click <HERE> for Details
Show Schedule
Please check the site to be sure your favorite event is listed. If not, let me know and I will look into it. It's never too early to post your events. People do plan vacations and other trips surrounding our events so the sooner the better.

Free/Mini Listings are not listed here. Click <HERE> for a complete listing.

 Mar 2 (Sat) ~ Escondido CA
 Mar 2 (Sat) ~ Santa Barbara CA
 Mar 2 (Sat) ~ Cocoa FL
   Mar 2 (Sat) ~ Fletcher (Ashville) NC
  Mar 3 (Sun) ~ Tucson AZ
  Mar 9 (Sat) ~ Lakeland FL
 Mar 9 (Sat) ~ Punta Gorda FL
 Mar 9 (Sat) ~ El Paso TX
  Mar 10 (Sun) ~ Maquoketa IA
  Mar 10 (Sun) ~ Dewitt (Lansing) MI
  Mar 10 (Sun) ~ Hasbrouck Hts. NJ
  Mar 14-16 (Thu-Sat) ~ Houston TX
 Mar 16 (Sat) ~ Venice FL
  Mar 16 (Sat) ~ Richmond VA
  Mar 16-17 (Sat-Sun) ~ Puyallup WA
 Mar 23 (Sat) ~ Sharonville OH
 Mar 23 (Sat) ~ Madison WI
  Mar 24 (Sun) ~ Ft Wayne IN
 Mar 30 (Sat) ~ Timonium MD
  Mar 30 (Sat) ~ Flat Rock NC
  Mar 30-31 (Sat-Sun) ~ Las Vegas NV
  Mar 30 (Sat) ~ West Chester (Cincinnati) OH
 Mar 31 (Sun) ~ Denver CO
  Mar 31 (Sun) ~ St. Charles IL

  Apr 6 (Sat) ~ Alexander NY
  Apr 6 (Sat) ~ Lynnwood WA
  Apr 7 (Sun) ~ Fullerton CA
  Apr 7 (Sun) ~ Maumee (Toledo) OH
  Apr 7 (Sun) ~ Dedham MA
 Apr 13 (Sat) ~ Jonesborough TN
 Apr 14 (Sun) ~ London ON Canada
  Apr 14 (Sun) ~ Livonia MI

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