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November 2016 Newsletter

Thanksgiving day will soon be upon us. Its a time for reflecting on all that we are thankful for. One thing that I'm especially thankful this year among all my blessings is the fact that the election is over and I won't see or hear any more political ads! HA! All joking aside, of course I am most thankful for my family and friends ~ including all of you out there who continue to send me love and support throughout the year.

Other thoughts and memories that come to mind for Thanksgiving... Making hand turkeys in school, the first time I got to sit at the adult table (I was the oldest of 8 so it was more about not having to watch the young ones anymore), my sister Tina falling on the window seat, knocking out her two front teeth giving new meaning to wanting her two front teeth for Christmas, and of course the TURKEY!

Black Friday (Only 10 days) starts our Holiday Doll, Bear & Miniature Online Show & Sale so be sure you check it out or follow along on the Facebook Page! If you would like to sign up to sell, simply click below.

Holiday Doll, Bear & Miniature
Online Show & Sale
Fri., Nov. 25th, 2016 - 8:00 AM (AZ MT) -
Mon., Nov. 28th, 2016 - 8:00 PM (AZ MT)

CLICK HERE> for details or to sign up.

Up Coming Events

Free Listings have been omitted from this list.
Click <HERE>
for a complete listing.

  Nov 18-20 (Fri-Sun) ~ Atlanta GA CANCELLED
  Nov 19 (Sat) ~ 
Holland MI
  Nov 25-28 (Fri-Mon) ~ Online
 Dec 3 (Sat) ~ 
Punta Gorda FL
  Dec 4 (Sun) ~ Anaheim CA
  Dec 4 (Sun) ~ Milwaukee WI
 Dec 10 (Sat) ~ Concord CA

  Jan 7-8 (Sat-Sun) ~ San Diego CA
 Jan 8 (Sat) ~ Hauppauge NY
  Jan 20-21 (Fri-Sat) ~ Naples FL
  Jan 22 (Sun) ~ Naperville IL
 Jan 27-29 (Fri-Sun) ~ Sarasota FL
  Jan 28 (Sat) ~ Clackamas OR

Site *NEWS*

I am very honored to be a part of the Ruby Lane Blog's Ruby Round Table. You can read my interview Thank you all for your lovely comments and likes on Facebook. 

Help keep Doll Events Alive and Well!

With so many club members getting older, many doll shows and events are no longer continuing. It IS a lot a work not to mention that the rules for getting the word out has not only changed but continues to change all the time. In order for this great industry to continue, we all need to pitch in, just a little bit. First, there needs to be unity between promoters and clubs, well, just everyone.
Next, here are some ideas...

  • Some clubs have been combining luncheons, workshops, etc. in cooperation with a promoter's show making for a larger "event". This has proven to be a win-win for both parties. Enthusiasts are more apt to attend an event outside their area when there are other activities, and/or buying/selling opportunities making for a fun dollie weekend. Events of this type may be too much for a club but with this type of division of tasks, very workable to everyone's benefit.
  • There is nothing that says a person or group of people cannot step up and start a show. When the clubs in my area decided not to do shows anymore, I did it myself. There is work, don't get me wrong but once the initial set up is finished, the following events are easier. There is a guide on the site that gives some tips and I will be starting classes and workshops soon to help. (If interested, please email me.)
  • Many clubs still maintain old school ways. If you are computer savy, why not help with online promotions. Start with free and go from there. Whether you are a seller, buyer or an enthusiast, there is nothing that says you cannot sponsor an upgraded listing for an event that is either not listed or simply has a free listing. If you do decide to do this, I will list you as the sponsor for the listing. 
I know that with just a little bit of effort, we can continue to make this industry great.

Antique Doll Anatomy 101 ~ Comparison Guide

Bisque Heads

¨ Sleep eyes or stationary eyes.
¨ Eyelashes or no eyelashes.
¨ Neck is inset into torso or with a breastplate.
¨ Open mouth with teeth.
¨ Open at the crown with pate. Mohair or human hair wig.
¨ Markings, if any, incised on back of head or breastplate.
¨ Strung jointed painted composition (wood pulp formed in molds).
¨ Strung 5-piece papier mache.
¨ Kid leather body with bisque arms and cloth feet.
¨ Arms and legs are attached with stitching or with metal gaskets.
¨ Cloth body with stitched plaster arms and legs.

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