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Happy Valentine's Day

February 2020 Newsletter

Valentine's day has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year but that's not to say how much it has changed for me over the years. 

When I was little, it was all about decorating shoe boxes as mailboxes and acting as through we were each mail carriers delivering our hand made valentines to each child in our class room. I remember my dad always bringing home a heart shaped box of candy that we would later keep one the candy was eaten to hold special treasures. Little bit later in High School, all the girls hoped to get a carnation from a "secret admirer". Sad to say, I never got one but the hope was still there that some day I would. 

Once I had my two wonderful daughters, I always took valentine items to their school and then to their workplace. Now that I have my granddaughter, the tradition continues but a little bit different as I go the her home and set up a surprise for when she gets home form school. 

I guess what I'm saying is although I do love my family everyday, this is the one special day that I stop what I'm doing and make that little extra effort to show it. :)

Showcase Featured Event

No. Ohio Doll & Bear Show
Holiday Inn Cleveland-Strongsville Airport
1571 Royalton Rd., 44136

Antique, Vintage & Modern Dolls, Bears, Toys Clothing & Accessories, Parts & Supplies
Door Prizes ~ ID/Valuations ~ Repairs

No. Ohio Doll & Bear Show
Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 ~ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
 Early bird: 9:00 AM

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P.D. Smith Dolls...Wonderful and Rare!
by Susan Foreman

Even in 1948 dolls by the Smith family were considered rare. To quote Eleanor St. George from her 1948 book The Dolls of Yesterday: “Only a few fortunate collectors, chiefly in California, where the dolls were made, possess examples of the charming infant dolls created by the Smith Family of Santa Cruz.”
Thus, I feel privileged to have four dolls in my collection, all individually unique and decidedly different from one another. While we now know that much of the information about Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Smith in Eleanor St. George’s book is inaccurate, this statement about rarity holds true to this day.


Event Schedule
Please check the site to be sure your favorite event is listed. If not, let me know and I will look into it. It's never too early to post your events. People do plan vacations and other trips surrounding our events so the sooner the better.

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  Feb 1 (Sat) ~ Chandler AZ
 Feb 1 (Sat) ~ Leesburg FL
  Feb 1 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
 Feb 8 (Sat) ~ Bennett CO
 Feb 8 (Sat) ~ Ft. Myers FL
 Feb 8 (Sat) ~ Schertz (San Antonio) TX
 Feb 9 (Sun) ~ Lynnwood WA
  Feb 22 (Sat) ~ Arcadia CA
  Feb 23 (Sun) ~ Strongsville OH
  Feb 29 (Sat) ~ Roseville CA
  Feb 29 (Sat) ~ Largo FL
  Feb 29 (Sat) ~ Punta Gorda FL

  Mar 1 (Sun) ~ Buena Park CA
 Mar 7 (Sat) ~ Escondido CA
  Mar 7 (Sat) ~ Santa Barbara CA
  Mar 7 (Sat) ~ Fletcher (Ashville) NC
  Mar 8 (Sun) ~ Fullerton CA
  Mar 8 (Sun) ~ Maquoketa  IA
 Mar 8 (Sun) ~ Houston TX
  Mar 14 (Sat) ~ Fairhope AL
  Mar 14 (Sat) ~ Lakeland FL
 Mar 14 (Sat) ~ Cincinnati OH
 Mar 14 (Sat) ~ Jonesborough TN
 Mar 14 (Sat) ~ El Paso TX
  Mar 14-15 (Sat-Sun) ~ Puyallup WA
  Mar 15 (Sun) ~ DeWitt (Lansing) MI
  Mar 15 (Sun) ~ Clifton NJ
  Mar 16-19 (Mon-Thu) ~ Ocala FL
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Who Do You Love?

Posted January 30, 2020 in Dolls
by Ruby Lane

Each generation of children from 1900 through 2000 has had a special doll or toy that thrilled the hearts of little girls and boys. These early life attachments remain deeply rooted in the consciousness, often making these dolls and toys the sought-after collector’s items of their adult lives.

Today’s marketplace is vibrant with these beloved characters of the past and following the trends in today’s toy marketplace could very well point the way to the collector items of the future.

1900s – 1920s

In the early years of the 20th century the Teddy bear was a new item. One hundred years later it remains a staple of the nursery and is the pinnacle of many a toy collector’s prizes. <Continue>

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