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Alexandria Diana (small Standard Boudoir Bed Doll)
Late 1930's - Early 1940's

April 2016 Newsletter

April is here already. One of my favorite months. Here in the sonoran desert, it is the time of year when the palo verde trees bloom with waves of yellow everywhere. The cactus are rich with bright pink, red, purple, orange blossoms as well. The wild flowers are spectacular this year. They did some work on a drainage run-off along a hiking trail near my home and threw some seed down after and now we have a field of bright orange & yellow mexican poppies. Visited the Saguaro National Park East yesterday and the saguaros are already starting to bud. They usually don't start until May so they are early but all the better for show.

April is a big month for events! Visit the website to find one near you. If you know of an event that is not listed, take a moment and complete a free listing for me. At least we can get the date and venue listed. 

Website NEWS

The list is continues to grow every day. I don't know how people are finding us but whatever you are doing ~ keep doing it.

The Facebook Events are working very well to get the word out. Although I have included it in with the deluxe listing for no additional charge. you can always pay for it as an option regardless of your listing type. If you have a Facebook Page for your club or organization, be sure you are adding your own FB Event to the page. I can then copy/share it to the FB page. In order for me to add you to the FB Event, we must be friends so if I request to be your friend, please friend me. Being my friend does not mean that you have to personally follow me or I you. There is a way to opt out.

If you are a club event and would like to have a link from your event listing to a listing on, I'm happy to include it but I now require that you complete and submit the club information form so I have current information (which is sometimes different) for the club.
Please take a moment and check to be sure your club/organization is listed.

World Doll Day

On this 30th year,WORLD DOLL DAY lands on June 11th 2016 (2nd Saturday of June each year). World Doll Day is a day that doll enthusiasts are encouraged to give someone a doll or have an event to promote dolls. tells you everything you need to know.

How will you celebrate World Doll Day? Let me know how I can help!

Dollie Tip of the Month

Part of fixing a dollie sometimes includes cleaning and/or restyling a wig. It's not really as difficult as you may think and most the time, if the wig is in bad shape, it's worth a try before replacing.

Mohair ~ probably the most difficult to work with but you can do wonders with a long needle or straight pin (I use a corsage pin) and gently combing out the snarls or dirt. You can also use the pin like a hair pic to fluff the hair some. Keep in mind, you will loose some hair and the less you play with it the better.

Human Hair ~ Just like our hair so you can gently wash it like you would your own. A good conditioner can help if it is dry/brittle. To style, mousse or gel. I use fat straws as rollers or you can sometimes find the spongy rollers that we used in the 1960's (before hair blow dryers).
If rolling the hair in curlers, be sure you use the little tissues. You can find the rollers, tissues as well as human hair at the Beauty Supply store. Again use a pin as a pick to style.

Synthetic Hair ~ Many different kinds though the years. I would say break out the pin or if you can find a little plastic doll hairbrush, it works wonders. If necessary, most can be brought back to life by simply washing, conditioning and a little bit of styling. Featured Doll

ABOUT SCHOENHUT DOLLS: Albert Schoenhut, opened his business in 1911. At first he produced wooden toys of all kinds, and shortly after his business opened he began to also produce dolls. His dolls were made completely out of wood, and possessed life like features. The dolls heads were made of basswood, and after being carefully carved, they were fit into molds that were put under great pressure that contained a high temperature. This heat and pressure burned away all rough edges, and gave the face a smooth almost bisque like appearance. The eyes being so life like that they resembled glass eyes that other manufactures were using in their dolls. 

Until next time, see you at the doll show!
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