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Starting out the new year!

January 2017 Newsletter

So, yeah, it's winter and yeah, it's raining or snowing or really cold. But we will not be deterred from our love of our dollies! For me, January is the time of year that I break out all those half finished projects and get to it. The holidays are over so there is really no excuse any more. I say, "Just Do It!" Just clean out that junk drawer, closet, and/or under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Finish it up, pack it up, sell it off, donate it. Doesn't matter what. Just Do It and be ready for new stuff to come your way. will be celebrating it's 8th day in just one month. over the last couple of weeks we have reached a milestone of over 200,000 hits to the site. That is over 2,100 hits per month. Very exciting!

The first order of business is for everyone to be sure your events are posted. There are some new events being planned so the sooner you get your dates in, the less chance there will be a date conflict. Keep in mind, many of us plan our vacations around events in the area we are traveling to in the following months. That idea was what started the site. The sooner we start, the higher the momentum.

Up Coming Events

Free Listings have been omitted from this list.  
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for a complete listing.

  Ongoing until Jan 28 (Sat-Sun) ~ Online
  Jan 20-21 (Fri-Sat) ~ Naples FL
  Jan 22 (Sun) ~ Naperville IL
  Jan 28 (Sat) ~ Glendale CA
  Jan 28 (Sat) ~ Clackamas OR

 Feb 4 (Sat) ~ Leeburg FL
 Feb 4 (Sat) ~ Palm Springs FL
  Feb 4 (Sat) ~ Westampton NJ
  Feb 5 (Sun) ~ Anaheim CA
 Feb 11 (Sat) ~ Ft. Myers FL
 Feb 11 (Sat) ~ New Braunfels TX
  Feb 12 (Sun) ~ Bellevue WA
  Feb 18 (Sat) ~ Largo FL
 Feb 25 (Sat) ~ Richmond VA
 Feb 26 (Sun) ~ Strongsville OH

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A Word About Our Online Show

There appears to be some confusion as to what an "Online" show is. Quite simply,  the online show is just like a real physical show only you attend in your pajamas from the comfort of your home 24/7. The site is the show and each Icon/Logo goes to the sellers' online shop (or booth). Buyers simply visit the site during show times to see what wonders can found. You can also follow along during the show on our facebook page. Be sure to book mark this link (Membership to facebook is not necessary!)

Doll Clubs are important now more than ever. With the majority of clubs consisting of "older" members, it's up to us to pass the torch to the younger generations. It may also mean changing our perspective some and broadening our interests to include not only what appeals to us but what may appeal to younger potential members. 

Do you have an idea that we can implement to help? Email me at to be added to both the site and the facebook page.

In the meantime, visit and complete the form so the information on the site is current. You never know who might be looking for a club online and it is the only site of it's kind on the internet.

 Special Thanks 
 Valerie Fogel of Beautiful Bebes' Attic Finds
For her continued monthly donation!
DOLLS in Blue
by Ruby Lane Dolls
(Used with permission)

The color blue symbolizes stability, loyalty [true blue!], trust, peace, confidence, intelligence, heaven, and too many other good things to mention here.  Really, who doesn’t think that the best part of a new day is the promise of a bright blue sky?  Robins’ eggs are a magnificent blue, and blue sapphires are among the most regal of gems. This blog is dedicated to the dolls dressed in this gorgeous, celestial color and all of its variations. Click <HERE> to see full article...

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