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New puzzles for 2014


Dear puzzlers,

The slow summer time in our puzzle world is coming to an end and I think now is the time to let you know about what you can expect to see from me in the coming months.

There will be new volumes of your favorite puzzle book series, but there will also be new releases of puzzle books which I haven't published before. Lets start with them. So, the following new books will be released in October and November 2014:

  • Multi Sudoku book - overlapping sudoku puzzles, mostly in the Samurai Sudoku format, where each sub-puzzle is of a different type!
  • Frame Sudoku book - a cross between Killer Sudoku and Outside sudoku. The sums are given outside the grid.
  • Difficult Nurikabe book - I have been creating Nurikabe (Islands in the Stream) puzzles for years, but I haven't published them in a book. This one is going to be a tough one (or so I think?)
  • Difficult Slitherink book - Just like Nurikabe, I have neglected the Slitherlink (Takegaki) puzzles in the past. Not anymore!
  • Coloring book - this is not really a puzzle book, but anyway... :) I've partnered with an artist and I will start publishing coloring books for adults and kids. They will include pattern coloring, mandala coloring and other kinds of books with shapes and characters to color in your pastime. It's a great relaxation method and I definitely recommend them. More about that soon!
  • Number fill-ins book - just like crosswords but with numbers!
Those will be the novelties. New volumes of these series will also be released: And of course, new volumes of my most popular puzzle book series: Don't forget, this spring I released new volumes of the two new very successful series: That's all folks! Or is it? :) Do you have any other suggestions? It may not be too late to make your suggestion now and let me know what you prefer. I might be able to squeeze another book or two for this season!

Please let me know.

Yours truly,

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