thoughts from our Race Director as she prepares to run the Atlantic City Marathon. 
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Thoughts from our Race Director as she prepares to run the Atlantic City Marathon

In 4 days, I will be running the Atlantic City Marathon.
I call it the marathon I never wanted to run.
Most everything in my life reverts to aiming for the comfortable. I do chores and give baths and write emails like a mad woman in hopes that at the end of the day, I can sit and do nothing for just a few minutes. As a society, we seem to choose the path of least discomfort, a journey which I trod the most. 
But why? When did doing nothing become my end goal? 
Ironic thing is, I'm the manager of a charity running team that feeds off of people being uncomfortable.
I discovered this human discrepancy of mine recently while recruiting for Team Love True. Frustrated with my tactics that seemed to continually fail, I prayed to the creator of human capacity, asking what else there was I could do to get committed runners. His response was disturbing, and entirely true. Why am I asking others to do something that I am unwilling to do myself? 
I had plenty of answers, plenty of excuses, but none were any good. There was no good reason, except that I didn't feel like it. I was already tired from life.
But when there are little girls being sold for a profit they will never see, night after night, while I sit at home and do nothing, being tired from life is not a good enough excuse. On October 18th, I am running the Atlantic City Marathon because being comfortable is a worthless life goal and it is time for me to do something uncomfortable. If it were your precious child, I would run for her all the same. Training for this marathon while being a mom of 3 little ones has come with its many trials, from waking up at 4am to running 20 miles on 4 hours of sleep. Yet, this process has taught me one priceless, life-changing lesson: it is okay to be uncomfortable.
Dear reader, it is time we do something uncomfortable for the greater good. Only you know what that looks like. It may be giving your spare bedroom to a foster child and committing to care for this country’s most vulnerable. Perhaps it is paying more for clothing to ensure that the man or woman who sewed your shirt is getting a fair wage. Perhaps it is becoming a mentor through programs such as Big Brother Big Sisters. It may be using that money you have been saving for a nonessential expense and support our efforts in pushing back the
​effects of modern day slavery in our fallen world. Who knows, it might even be running a marathon with Team Love True. 

Whether you do all or none, it is my hope that you join me in pursuit of a world outside of ourselves. As Neale Donald Walsch put it so eloquently,

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
We have created a shirt that speaks to this very commitment. All money raised through this shirt fundraiser will go towards opening the Love True Restoration Home. However, we believe this shirt is a promise to the world that we are done keeping our personal comfort as our highest goal and will work consistently until freedom is proclaimed. If you are not ready to make this commitment, please refrain from purchasing a shirt at this time. We hope you join us in making a stand against the comfortable while there are still too many in chains, as well as joining the fight for the restoration our world so dearly needs.
Let's do something uncomfortable, and let's change the world.

Chloe Contarino 
Team Love True and Trek Against Trafficking Race Director
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