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February 17th, 2014
Wagner announces WRITE-IN Candidacy for March 18th Special Election.
Voters deserve a REAL choice now before the Primary. Harrisburg backroom deals can’t go unchallenged.
Four weeks after withdrawing from the York County Republican Committee’s nominating convention due to the inherent unfairness of the process, Republican Scott Wagner has announced that he will run as a WRITE-IN candidate for the March 18th PA Senate Special Election to fill the remaining term of former Senator Mike Waugh.  Since the news broke about Wagner withdrawing from the orchestrated York County Republican Committee’s convention in January, he has received overwhelming feedback and support from Republican, Democratic and Independent voters throughout the 28th Senate District.  Many people have indicated that they intend to WRITE-IN his name on March 18th as a show of support and to send a message that they cannot be denied their voice in selecting their representatives in state government.

“I fully intend to compete in the May 20th Primary as well,  but I believe that due to the suspicious activities surrounding this Special Election, the voters are ready today – not next year, for new representation.” Wagner explains.

“I’ve decided that somebody needs to take a stand against the backroom deals and the dealmakers that are attempting to manipulate this expensive and unnecessary special election. The special election was engineered so the voters of the 28th Senate District would be denied their choice of candidates on the ballot, giving the Harrisburg establishment and their hand-picked candidate the advantage. Republican, Democratic and Independent voters don’t have to settle for a liberal career politician like Ron Miller - a political insider selected by political bosses as their only candidate on the ballot.  I plan to win the special election on March 18th by earning more write-in votes than any of the other candidates.”

“I realize this is a large hill to climb and it’s never been accomplished before, but I’m confident people are tired of career politicians rigging the system to benefit themselves.”

“I ask the voters of the 28th Senate District to join me to make history and send the first WRITE-IN candidate to the State Senate.  Let’s send a message to the political bosses that these backroom deals need to stop now!”  
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