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MigrantWatch reports in May were dominated by our much-awaited summer migrant - the Pied Cuckoo, which was seen in several parts of India. In spite of summer being a lean season MigrantWatchers logged in 50 species of migratory birds in 15 states. Migrants such as the Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Indian Pitta have arrived in the north as summer visitors. Blyth's Reed Warblers seem to have made an exit from peninsular India but their northernly passage was observed in Uttarakhand. However, some winter migrants seem to be still around: for example, Common Sandpipers and Yellow Wagtails were sighted in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. We hope there will be lots more in store this summer.

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Happy migrantwatching!
Raman, Suhel and Anushree

May 2013 at a glance

Top contributors in May 2013
Nil N. Mohite, Prathamesh Desai, A Shivaprakash, Bhalchandra Pujari, Arun M. K. Bharos

First time contributors
Several people made their debut at MigrantWatch: Bhalchandra Pujari, Binu Balakrishnan, Chayant Gonsalves, Humayun Taher, Krishna Murthy, Lloyd Nehemiah, Pronoy Baidya, Pushkar, Ravi Meghani, Somen Sarkar, Suvrat Sehgal, Vinod Kumar. Welcome to the MigrantWatch community!

Most reported species
Pied Cuckoo, Common Sandpiper, Western Yellow Wagtail, Blyth's Reed-warbler, Wood Sandpiper

Top States
Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat

Total records in May 2013:  175
Total records in May 2012: 119

Total sightings for the season (beginning July 2012):  8,869

Total sightings in the MW database: 22,670


Recent posts
Participant Profile – Avinash Bhagat
Dewar’s bird calendar – June
Arrival patterns of prominent migrants

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Migrant Photos

Recent photos
Pied Cuckoo by Panchami Ukil
Rosy Starling by Manish Kumar 
Indian Pitta by Namita Tiwari 
Pacific Golden Plover by Prathamesh Desai
Whiskered Tern by Hemant Kumar 

You can appreciate more pictures at the MigrantWatch gallery.

Pied Cuckoon Campaign begins!

This year's Pied Cuckoo Campaign has kicked off and already reports are pouring in from various parts of the country. Please keep an eye (and ear) open for your first sighting of the season, and upload this to the MigrantWatch database.

First Sightings of the Season

First sightings of Pied Cuckoo for this season were reported from Maharashtra (Thane, Pune and Nagpur), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), Orissa (Paralakhemundi and Bhubaneswar), West Bengal (Jalpaiguri and Ranaghat), Uttarakhand (Dehradun), and Punjab (Jainti Devi).

Are MigrantWatchers more active on weekends?

Enthusiast V Nagarjun downloaded the MigrantWatch dataset and did some interesting analyses. He found that about half of all MigrantWatch observations are from weekends! Please check out this article and another related post on his blog. As MigrantWatch dataset is open-access, we encourage you to download and explore the data. Who knows what exciting discoveries are in store!

Your data speaks!
Arrival summary of prominent species

In continuation with our presentation of present arrival patterns of our most-reported species, we now feature Black Redstart, Red-throated Flycatcher, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Common Stonechat. Please note that this summary has only been possible thanks to your contributions!