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March too turned out to be an exciting month with reports of 135 species being contributed. MigrantWatchers from 13 states submitted nearly 900 observations this month.

In March we released the MigrantWatch 5-year summary to present to you a gist of what has been happening so far in the project, and illustrate some emerging migration patterns. Every observation contributed by you adds to a better understanding of bird migration in India. Thank You! to all MigrantWatchers. If you would like a printed copy of the 5-year summary, just email us your postal address, and we would be happy to send a copy to you.

Here is also a first reminder for this year's Pied Cuckoo campaign. If you have seen Pied Cuckoos since January this year, please do enter those sightings through your account -- this will help delineate the locations where this species is found year-round. Starting in May, the first migrant Pied Cuckoos are expected to turn up -- do keep an eye out for them, and ask your friends to do so too!

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Happy migrantwatching!
Raman, Suhel and Anushree

March 2013 at a glance

Top contributors in March 2013
B R Sheshgiri, Shantilal Varu, Pradnyavant Mane, Prathamesh Desai, Dipu Sasi

First time contributors
Karthik, Kavitha P G, Ravisankar Swaminathan
Welcome to the MigrantWatch community!

Most reported species
Common Sandpiper, Barn Swallow, Hume's Leaf-warbler, Blyth's Reed-warbler, Rosy Starling, Wood Sandpiper

Top States
Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

Total records in March 2013:  878
Total records in March 2012: 520

Total sightings for the season (beginning July 2012):  8,145

Total sightings in the MW database: 21,916


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MigrantWatch - A five-year journey

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Migrant Photos

Recent photos
Osprey by Tallulah D'Silva
Wood Sandpiper by B R Sheshgiri
Ruff by Shantilal Varu
Grey-winged Blackbird by Namita Tiwari
Pied Harrier by Akhil Kulkarni

See more such wonderful pictures visit at the MigrantWatch gallery.

First Sightings of the Season

In March the total number of species reported this season touched 225. As you can imagine, the number of first-of-the-season reports from different States is quite low; nevertheless, March saw the first Tickell's Thrushes of the season reported for Gujarat and Uttarakhand. You can see all reports for this season here.

Your data speaks!
Does the Pied Cuckoo herald the monsoon?

We have some interesting results from the Pied Cuckoo campaign, which was started in 2009. Here we present the year-wise arrival pattern of the "rainbird" in relation to the onset of the monsoon. This summary is based on more than 600 observations of this species contributed by MigrantWatchers over the years.

Visit this blog post for more details and interpretation.

MigrantWatch: a 5-year journey

To mark the completion of 5 years of MigrantWatch we have put together a brief summary of what has happened during this time. We hope you will enjoy it. If you would like a printed copy, just send email us your postal address!