Welcome to our first virtual exhibition featuring artist Jane Liang and her beautiful hyperrealist body of contemporary works...
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jane liang


Jane Liang's works are exquisite oil paintings that delicately reveal an intricate marriage between hyperrealism and conceptual art.

The unique manner in which she paints her subjects and covers them in lace or floral motifs blends her strong technical skill with a soft sense of femininity. The titles she choses and the subjects of choice offer a revisionism and an interrogation on classical painting. Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts recently presented several works of Jane Liang at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair and is preparing her first solo exhibition at the gallery in the Spring.

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she began art training at an early age. Liang was selected as a finalist for the 2014 Hunting Art Prize, and her work was chosen for inclusion in the current issue of New American Paintings (#114) . Her work has been exhibited in numerous juried and group exhibitions across Texas and Taiwan. A graduate of the National Taiwan University of Arts, Liang continued her studies in the United States, receiving a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She now lives and works in Charlotte, NC.


"I am interested in materials, the body (self-identity), and the relationship in between. Technically, I choose to make representational pieces as the method to convey my thoughts. I like to explore different materials, but mostly focus on oil painting. By constantly brushing paint on the canvas, I increase private and close contact with my work, which sets apart my work from photographs."

Visit the artist's website for more information.
Extract I, 2014
Oil on Canvas
31.5 x 31.5
Extract II, 2014
Oil on Canvas
14 x 11
Extract III, 2014
Oil on Canvas
14 x 11
Extract IV, 2014
Oil on Canvas
12.5 x 12.5
Extract V, 2014
Oil on Canvas
14 x 18
Intertwine, 2013
Oil on Canvas
42 x 70.5
Covered II, 2012
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48
Covered III, 2012
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48
Just Summer, 2013
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30
Bound, 2013
Oil on Canvas
18 x 24

gallery news

reflections on nature at the french consular residence

Our recently opened exhibition, Reflections on Nature, curated by Yvonamor Palix, will run through winter at the residence of the Consul General of France in Houston.

ARTISTS: Claire Basler, Fabienne Bauer, Rachel Gardner, Pep Guerrero, Ellen Hart, Martine Menard, Syd Moen, Karine Parker, Page Piland, Susan Plum and Patrick Pettersson.

Contact us at 281.467.6065 or ypalix@yvonamorpalixart.com for a viewing. The exhibition is by appointment only.

romain froquet to wrap the cargo space bus in houston

Romain Froquet, the French artist first featured in the Go West exhibition curated by Karine Parker, and co-founder of TFAA's Open The Door project, is back in Houston.

Froquet was selected as a guest artist to wrap the CARGO SPACE school bus with his signature style. While in town, he will also bring an ephemeral forest entitled ARBRES ("Trees") to a public space. ARBRES is a site-specific installation inspired by his recent art residence in Houston.

These projects are realized in collaboration with Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts.

art boutique

small formats, editions, & gifts at petite prices

by Joelle Verstraeten

printed on suede
zipper closure for easy dry cleaning
limited edition of 50
16" square

$150 each
three styles available


by Susan Plum

each piece is a unique design handmade by the artist

A. Clear Glass Necklace & Earrings Set, $120
B. Daisy Earrings, $65
C. Rose Earrings, $85
D. Black, Blue, Gray & White Earrings, $120
E. Black & White Necklace & Earrings Set, $140




by Jane Liang

Inventory #5, 2013
Oil on Canvas
5"x 5"



a personal note

Thank you for visiting the VISUELLE 001: Jane Liang exhibition. Please let me know if you have any questions about the featured works. All your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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