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University of Warwick Chorus
Dear <<First Name>>,

As promised, here is a reminder of the details of our concert on Sunday, and some updates regarding the carol concert on Tuesday. Please read carefully to ensure you get all of the information, which will entail: General Concert Announcements; Concert Itinerary; Dress Code and a Request; Performance Details (i.e. when to sit and stand); Learning Tools; and Christian Union Carol Concert (incl. rehearsal time updates).

Oh - and good luck to all of you ahead of our performance tomorrow! 

General Concert Announcements
  • We will be performing Handel's Messiah in the second half of our end of term concert on Sunday 2nd December, which will begin at 4pm. Please do encourage as many of your friends and family as possible to come along for what we are certain will be a wonderful performance. Tickets can be bought here.
  • Our final rehearsal will be from 11am-1pm in the Butterworth Hall, and you are afterwards invited to join us for a meal in the Dirty Duck.
  • Our green room will be the Woods-Scawen Room - despite the previous email stating otherwise (oops, sorry!) - and this will be locked whilst we are performing in the concert. This is also where we will have a warm-up with Mark before we go on to perform in the second half of the concert.
  • You are welcome to watch the orchestra performance in the first half of the concert, however:
    • This must not be in the choir stalls. Feel free to find alternative seating with the rest of the audience, or on the balconies running down either side of the hall.
    • You must be in your seat at the same time as the rest of the audience, so as to not disrupt the performance.
    • Once the first half has finished, please head straight to the Woods-Scawen Room to warm-up and prepare for our entry in the second half.
  • If you do not wish to watch the first half, please arrive at the Woods-Scawen room at 4:30pm to ensure that you are ready for the warm-up when everyone has arrived.
  • You will need to bring your score that you are using during rehearsal with you for the performance. We will be collecting these in at the end of the concert in the Woods-Scawen Room.
  • Stand to receive applause as directed by the conductor. When standing you are receiving applause, so please do not applaud other performers as it looks untidy.

Concert Itinerary
  • The itinerary for the day will be as follows:
    • 10:45am - Chorus members begin to arrive and find their seats, ready for the beginning of rehearsal.
    • 11am - Our final rehearsal begins.
    • 1pm - Rehearsal finishes, and you are invited to join us in the Dirty Duck for lunch.
    • 3:30pm - Chorus members who wish to watch the first half of the concert should head back to the Butterworth Hall to find seats.
    • 4:30pm - Any Chorus members who did not watch the first half of the concert arrive at Woods-Scawen Room, ready for the warm up. All others should come straight to the Woods-Scawen room at the beginning of the interval.
    • Around 5pm - Our performance begins.
    • After the concert - Please bring your scores to the Helen Martin Studio, where exec members will be collecting them back in. You are then free to leave.

Dress Code and a Request
  • The following will be the general dress code for our main concert each term. Any changes will be made clear in the weeks prior to the concert. For any questions, or if you have difficulty obtaining anything, then please ask a member of the Exec:
    • Black socks & shoes 
    • Black trousers or skirt/dress (with black tights) 
    • Black shirt (no tie) or top (must cover shoulders)
  • Could I also ask if anyone has any spare concert-appropriate clothing around a woman's size 10 (or medium) that they would be willing to bring to the concert to lend to a fellow Chorus member? If so, could you please email either the Chorus account or Laura (Vice-President) on:

Performance Details
  • Given that many of us are using different scores, please take note for yourself where each of the movements we are performing are located in your score, so as to make them easy to find on the day. You can find a list of the movements in the Learning Tools section of the email.
  • We will be sitting and standing at different points throughout our performance, but when doing this it is important that we do so in unison and avoid the seats making noise as they swing upwards. To ensure this, as you stand up use your hand behind you to gently move the seat into it's folded position before it has a chance to bang.
  • What follows is details of when we will be doing these movements. Please make a note of them in your score ahead of the concert:
    • Sit - Beginning of the performance
    • Stand - Beginning of '4 And the Glory of the Lord', when gestured by Mark
    • Sit - End of '4 And the Glory of the Lord', when gestured by Mark
    • Stand - Beginning of '7 And He Shall Purify', when gestured by Mark
    • Sit - End of '7 And He Shall Purify', when gestured by Mark
    • Stand - During '9 O Thou that Tellest Good Tidings to Zion', 12 Bars after G during the words 'glory of the'. (In Prout Novello edition - page 37, bottom line, first bar)
    • Sit - End of 17 Glory to God, when gestured by Mark
    • Stand - Beginning of 24 Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs, when gestured by Mark
    • Sit - End of 26 All We Like Sheep, when gestured by Mark
    • Stand - Beginning of 44 Hallelujah, when gestured by Mark, and remain so until the end

Learning Tools
  • There are learning tools available online to help you consolidate your learning at home. These can be accessed by following the link here. There is also a youtube video available here.
  • We are performing the following movements of Messiah:
    • 4 And the glory of the Lord
    • 7 And he shall purify
    • 9 O thou that tellest good tidings
    • 12 For unto us a Child is born
    • 17 Glory to God
    • 24 Surely He hath borne our griefs
    • 25 And with His stripes
    • 26 All we like sheep
    • 44 Hallelujah
    • 53 Worthy is the Lamb

Christian Union Carol Concert
  • We will be singing Sussex Carol and In the Bleak Midwinter in the Christian Union Carol Concert on Tuesday 4th December, 7pm-9pm. We encourage you all to come along and perform with us for what is always a very relaxed and enjoyable concert. The facebook event page can be viewed here. 
  • Feel free to bring along any friends and acquaintances who might like to sing with us as well! The bigger our numbers, the better the experience will be for us and everyone in the audience - the more, the merrier!
  • The rehearsal before the carol concert on Tuesday 4th will now begin at 5:15pm. The orchestra will be rehearsing earlier than this so please enter quietly upon arrival.
  • However, if you are not able to make this time, please feel free to turn up as soon as you can during the rehearsal. Even if you can't make the rehearsal at all, you are still more than welcome to perform in the concert.
  • If you would like to do a bit of practice at home, here is a PDF of Bob Chilcott's In the Bleak Midwinter and also a good youtube clip for reference.
If you have any further questions, feel free to send us an email at

The Chorus Exec
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