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This Year is Our 20th Anniversary

We will be having a party Friday, September 9th in Portland, OR and hope you will join us! Watch for information on how you can help us celebrate 20 years of supporting anarchist writing and scholarship. 

Perspectives' Fundraising Success!
The IAS raised just over $4,000 in three weeks to support the design, layout, printing, and mailing of the new issue of Perspectives, N.29, on the theme of anarcha-feminisms.  Thank you to the over 100 of you who gave generously to make this issue a reality! Everyone who asked for one has had their copies put in the mail.  If you donated and were expecting one, but don't get one within the week, let us know what your mailing address is and we'll be sure to get you a copy.
The issue is moving fast, so be sure to get yours from AK Press!
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory 
Call for Next Issue: Play

PLAY: A Call for Submissions for the Next Issue of Perspectives

photo by Abbey Volcano

Are you an organizer or activist currently engaged in movement work?  Are you interested in taking time to reflect on the lessons and ideals of this work in order to help advance anarchist praxis?  Are you a self-taught thinker with a particular interest or expertise in some aspect of radical history or practice? Are you willing to share your insights to contribute to our collective memory?  Do you have ideas, experiences, or questions that you would like to develop and share with a wider audience?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Perspectives on Anarchist Theory editorial collective would like to hear from you.  We believe it is crucial that those of us with visions of a free society share our work and ideas so that we can create a solid, common foundation on which to build a better world.  We value underrepresented voices, accessibility, complexity, and the rigorous investigation of ideas.

We are currently accepting work related to the concept of “play,” and encourage writers to conceive of the theme as broadly as possible.  For some, “play” may conjure notions of mischief or the anarchic spirit.  For others, it may provoke questions around creative street tactics and interventions, or the various roles of theater and performance in movement work.  Pastimes, game theory, sports and sport culture, playfulness at all ages—all are fair game.  We encourage folks to submit work that explores the transformative power of joy, challenge, and strategy.

We do not have a maximum or minimum word count, though shorter pieces do allow us to include more work by a broader range of authors.  When submitting, please ensure first that you are familiar with the kinds of writing and scholarship Perspectives publishes, and that your document format adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style.  All notes must be done as endnotes, not footnotes, and the note numbers must be typed directly into the body of the text.  Authors are welcome to query in advance of submitting manuscripts.  Editorial support is available to develop your idea or piece; first-time authors are encouraged to submit.

To submit or query, please email:  Submission deadline for the Play issue is January 1, 2017.
From Oblivion to Political Responsibility: An Anarchist Sister Reviews Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence by Sara Rahnoma-Galindo

This review appears in the new issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, N.29, on the theme of anarcha-feminisms.  It is available from AK Press here!

Radicals, including many anarchists, are involved in actively organizing against gender and sexual violence around the world. For example, Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault in Egypt; Las Kallejeras in the shantytowns of Santiago, Chile; the Colectiva de Gafas Violetas in Mexico; and countless other local initiatives all confront perpetrators in workplaces and organizing work. Yet, the task of addressing sexual violence, even in anarchist circles, continues to be singled out as primarily the job of survivors and their most immediate circles, instead of as a collective political responsibility. As an issue that we are socialized to meet with silence and stigmatization, sexual violence is commonly underemphasized or obscured amongst both radicals and society at large. Take for instance, ignorance of the fact that one out of three women in the world will be raped at some point in their lives. Or that, in the US, ninety-one percent of reported rape survivors are women, the most vulnerable being queer and gender nonconforming youth and people with physical disabilities, and fifteen percent of children are survivors of rape and incest. It is critical that our politics be aware of and address this. We need to be more diligent and active in both understanding sexual violence and linking it to radical organizing.

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Sara Rahnoma-Galindo is a survivor of sexual violence, anarchist person of color, office worker, student and board member of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, currently living in Los Angeles.


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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Your donation is invaluable to the work of the IAS and its projects. We accept secure credit card donations over the Internet through PayPal. You can also provide a one time donation or ongoing support by making a monthly donation here.
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