Rock Health will continue to host our annual Women’s Retreat and original research on the State of Women in Healthcare.

XX in Health is getting acquired!  

We’re extremely proud of what XX in Health has become—an inspiring group of women (and men!) determined to make healthcare more diverse and impactful. XX in Health has grown to a size we never imagined, and as we grow, we want to best support the mission in a way that capitalizes on our core capabilities and builds on the strengths of similar groups.

That is why today we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with two incredible organizations to carry on the mission.

XX in Health will be folded into Disruptive Women in Health Care to continue to support women in our industry. Our XX in Health Ambassadors, who have hosted over 50 events across the nation, will now be “Disruptive Women”.  Disruptive Women will also be taking ownership of our 2,700-person LinkedIn group. Disruptive Women in Health Care’s mission is “to serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere.”  Their community hosts ongoing events as well as a popular blog with over 100 global contributors, and is a perfect fit for XX in Health. 

Additionally, our Speaker Project, which promotes gender diversity on stage at healthcare conferences, will be acquired by GenderAvenger. We started this list to create transparency and awareness of the fact that women are largely missing on stage at healthcare conferences. GenderAvenger’s mission is to ensure that women are always part of public dialog. We are thrilled that they will be taking over, and growing, this project. 

While the XX in Health brand will discontinue, the mission will very much carry on. Rock Health will continue to produce our annual Women’s Retreat (which will be renamed to Rock Health Women’s Retreat) and original research on the State of Women in Healthcare, as well as supporting women entrepreneurs in digital health. We care deeply about this mission and are looking forward to supporting Disruptive Women and GenderAvenger as they continue this important work

Promote gender diversity on-stage through GenderAvenger.
Attend events in your area through Disruptive Women in Health Care.

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