Cx Launches: History, $4.2M, 4 Projects, and GenImpact Movement
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Let the journey begin!

We hope you're having fun in the sun this summer! The Cx Crew is excited to officially introduce ourselves to you!

Introducing Cx

CatalystsX (Cx) was born, a year ago, with a core belief that to fundamentally transform our future we need to catalyze some fundamental shifts in ourselves, in our lives, in our work, in our organizations, and in our societies...


We believe in catalyzing some fundamental shifts in the ecosystem:
·      Individualism --> Collectivism
·      Self-promotion --> Self-awareness
·      Answers --> Questions
·      Talking --> Listening
·      Ideas --> Execution
·      Taking --> Giving
·      Experts --> Learners
·      Content --> Curation
·      Classrooms --> Sandboxes
·      Risk avoidance --> Failing forward
·      Starting --> Improving
·      Ownership --> Sharing
·      For Youth --> By Youth 
·      Silos --> Interdependence
·      Data --> Wisdom
·      Outputs --> Impact


Following over 120 conversations with ecosystem players around those beliefs, we have come to frame Cx as…


·  First, a community of people building a fun culture of personal and systems transformation towards a better future, together
·  Second, a shared people and project platform of support for those on a journey of transforming themselves and the systems around them


$4.2M for Collective Impact

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is investing $4.2M in 7 initiatives, through its innovative Future Fund, to support young social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and change agents - Communitech, SoJo, Northern Constellation of Constellations, NAN, SSE-O, Manifesto and the Youth-led Collaborative (which includes Vicki Saunders, Youth Social Innovation – Capital Fund, and, as the lead organization, CatalystsX)


4 Projects on Deck

We are launching 4 projects and always open to chat about how we leverage our impact through working with others where there is alignment in purpose and principles:

1. CoPilot Hive Network: We are developing a user-centric, curated model of support for individual changemakers while working towards building a national network of young social innovators, entrepreneurs, and change agents

2. Connector Online Platform: In partnership with, we are building an online platform that connects individuals and organizations in the impact space to one another and their requests and offerings

3. Impact Measurement Tool: In partnership with AlterSpark, we are experimenting with an impact evaluation framework and tool focused on fast, iterative feedback from a range of stakeholders on a group or organization’s pursuit towards its goals

4. Youth-dedicated Financing: With leadership from Youth Social Innovation – Capital Fund, we are working towards expanding the range and depth of financing options (grants, debt, and equity) available to young social innovators and entrepreneurs

GenImpact: A Movement

For a while now, we have been in conversation with a number of players in the ecosystem about a common brand / umbrella that we could all leverage in our outreach efforts towards our ultimate shared purpose: driving more better impact and transforming our future.


GenImpact  is the option that seems to be resonating – we are interested in testing it out together with partners (reach out if interested) and learning along the way through light-touch, with curated and intentional structure, regular social gatherings in each region for those of us in the impact space, co-hosted by players in the region. Imagine every third Thursday of every odd month, events happening concurrently in Montreal, Vancouver, Sault St. Marie, Toronto, and Halifax. It acts as an easy gateway into the space for those new to it or the region, provides all of us with a continuous pulse on the pipeline of individual changemakers and their needs / desires, and create an easy, regular platform for new offerings from a wide range of groups be shared / promoted.


Interested in participating, sharing or partnering?

Stay Tuned!

  • GenImpact Gathering
  • Call for Nominations and Applications Open for Inaugural Cx Hive   

Join us online:

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