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The CoPilot: From Metaphor to Opportunity

We are looking for young leaders with passion for hacking self and hacking systems, demonstrated commitment AND experience supporting and enabling young change agents to become our inaugural CoPilots!

We came up with the Co-Pilot metaphor fairly early on in the Cx journey. It was our way of capturing what we were all about and how it was different from what the world was offering. We want to create a world of self-directed learners and doers who thrive in a supportive network of their peers. In everything we do, we leave just enough space for each and every member of the community to be their own “pilot”. Simple enough, right??

The challenge is that we’ve all been raised in systems that reinforce individual accumulation along a path that was determined for us. And so the inspiration for the CoPilot role came from the gems along the way... the teachers that helped us stumble on the answers for ourselves, the mentors who helped us discover our own wisdom, the coaches that enabled us to play our way into the performance of a lifetime. In a lot of ways, they were our copilots. They knew the routes and could take the controls at any time, but made sure that we - the learner, the student, the player - put ourselves in the pilots seat. We took responsibility for the journey, so there was no chance to kick back in the passenger seat and await the destination. Those teachers, mentors and coaches knew their role in all of its’ wonderful shades of grey. As the Cx CoPilot, we’ll expect the same from you.

We see CoPilots as the future of work, and are investing our money in them to prove it!

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