A newsletter regarding the Caire family as they serve God and the Quechua people at Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru.
Thanksgiving: Darle
Gracias a Dios

What are you thankful for?

Will is thankful for our nice weather, our supporters, school, and our family
David is thankful for Mom and Dad and technology
Peter is thankful for God and for school
Annie is thankful for new friends in Costa Rica
Sarah is thankful for Costa Rica and everything
Allison is thankful for the Spanish training I already had, a great husband, answered prayers, a dryer, the slower pace of life, and my Dad's upcoming visit.

We are thankful for you, our friends and family who are praying for us, loving us, and asking God to change and grow us.  We need your support and help and realize that we are here because of you!  Thank you so very much.

Please pray with us:

  • protection of our health (persistent cold, Will's back)
  • strengthening of our devotion to the Lord
  • grace to learn Spanish
  • great visits with grandparents during the holidays
  • unity within our family

Gratitude for our school

El Instituto de Lengua Española is a unique oasis of Spanish learning.  Since over 80% of the students in school are missionaries, there is a beautiful spirit of togetherness.  The Facebook account from our school is filled with "Where can I find Bisquik?" "Can I borrow someone's muffin pan tomorrow?"  "Good luck on our gramática test"  "Please pray for so and so's kid who got hurt..."  For the most part, there is a comeraderie in knowing that these people are going through the same bizzare transition and learning year that we are, their kids are asking the same questions, they are feeling the same homesickness.  Our teachers serve in the school as a ministry, to support the work of God in the Spanish-speaking world.  We pray in Spanish at the beginning of our classes.  We have chapel twice a week as well as Bible studies and opportunities for retreats and ministries.  Students also get together for exploring the surrounding areas, soccer games, movies, and taking kids to the park.  Several of the single women have volunteered to babysit so that we can go on a date.  I go to Zumba classes at school while David plays soccer in the gym.  On top of all this, the campus is beautiful and well-gardened with views of the surrounding mountains.  

Grateful to be able to serve

God has blessed us with new opportunities to serve His people here in Costa Rica. Will is the new paseo director for the school, which means he is in charge of planning the field trips we can take together as students.  He is planning on a trip to the beach, to the local amusement park, and to see some of the beautiful animals here in Costa Rica.  
I, Allison, have been teaching an elective junior high girls' Bible study class three days a week at the kids' school.  We are looking at Biblical womanhood and approach to relationships.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the eleven girls in my class and being reminded again of the wonder and frustration of being about thirteen years old.   Please pray that the girls would absorb important truths and that I will have discernment in giving them a grade!  

Giving Thanks for Costa Rica

This country is amazingly beautiful and the longer we are here, the more we appreciate the Tico way of life and also miss some of the familiar things of home as well.  Fruit and veggies are a big part of the diet here, and they are cheap and delicious.  We buy the each Saturday at our neighborhood farmer's market.  A big ol' pineapple is about $1.25, and a big bunch of basil is 20 cents.  The weather is just lovely, with cool breezes, perfect temperatures, and just enough rain to keep everything green and growing.  We like the food, including arroz con pollo, gallo pinto, arepas, plátanos,(chicken & rice, rice & beans, Tico pancakes, and big sweet bananas) and lots of good bakery bread. The taxis and public buses are convenient and cheap, and it's easy to get out into the beautiful countryside.  The Ticos themselves are warm, talkative, tight-clothes-wearing Latinos.  They love their families and their soccer.  They love to help foreigners, and they are careful not to offend.  Their Spanish is clear and not too fast.  They are wonderful hosts in a beautiful land.
Diospi Suyana Hospital                                     Health Service Corps
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Will, Allison, David, Peter, Annie, and Sarah Caire
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