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Will is thankful for the many opportunities to serve in the hospital taking care of the many poor and hurting patients who come to Kijabe Hospital in hope that there they will find comfort and health. Most of all he enjoys his relationship with the medical officer interns and clinical officer interns that he mentors and teaches during daily rounds in the hospital. Teaching these medical trainees is the biggest reason he has come to Kijabe.

Allison is thankful for her ministry at Rift Valley Academy, teaching the children of missionaries working all over Africa. Some of these missionaries are serving in closed countries. Others are in very isolated places. All of these parents needs someone to care for their children and to teach them. Allison enjoys filling that role. It is an important part of sharing the gospel to this huge continent.

And finally, we are thankful for you who make it possible. We are completely dependent on the generosity of our friends and family who support us. We could not do it otherwise, and we never take it for granted.

This Giving Tuesday we want to say THANK YOU to all who have supported us financially. And we want to ask you to consider supporting us in the future if you are not doing so already. Would you consider sharing about what God is doing at Rift Valley Academy and Kijabe Mission Hospital with friends and family who might be looking for a ministry to support on this Giving Tuesday.

We are so THANKFUL for all of you!

We need help.

We work in Kenya through the generosity of our friends, family, church, and financial supporters. Expenses have increased over the years while support has decreased. Now as we send David to college in the fall of 2021, we are beginning to feel the pinch. If you want to support a good work serving the poor and the gospel through medical missions and Christian education, please consider becoming a monthly supporter. If you already support us would you consider a little increase? Over the course of the year it adds up to a lot! We do not take a single person for granted. If you know a church that would be interested in adding a new missionary to its staff would you connect us? We would be so glad to meet them.


We love to get them. This year if you are sending them out we would love to receive them at:

Will and Allison Caire 
1224 Cloverdale Drive
Richardson, TX 75080

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